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April 2008, Volume 94, Number 4

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U.S. Department of Energy Radiological Assistance Program team members collecting aerosol samples on filter paper to later be assayed shortly after sampling cessation. Photo taken at the Joint Venture exercise in April 2002 by Steven Carragher of the Remote Sensing Laboratory. See article by Robert B. Hayes on page 366 for more information.
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Fluence-to-Absorbed Dose Conversion Coefficients for Use in Radiological Protection of Embryo and Foetus against External Exposure to Electrons from 10 MeV to 10 GeV — Jing Chen

Evaluation of Erythemal UV Effective Irradiance from UV Lamp Exposure and the Application in Shield Metal Arc Welding Processing — Cheng-ping Chang, Hung-hsin Liu, Chiung-yu Peng, Hsin-Yu Fang, Ta-Ho Tsao, and Cheng-hang Lan

Spatial Distribution of Soil Contamination by 137Cs and 239,240Pu in the Village of Dolon near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site: New Information on Traces of the Radioactive Plume from the 29 August 1949 Nuclear Test — M. Yamamoto, J. Tomita, A. Sakaguchi, T. Imanaka, S. Fukutani, S. Endo, K. Tanaka, M. Hoshi, B.I. Gusev, and A.N. Apsalikov

Evaluation of a New Mammographic Film: Methods and Considerations — Ioannis A. Tsalafoutas, Christos A. Kolovos, Virginia Tsapaki, Sofia Betsou, Eleni Koliakou, Petros N. Maniatis, and Stelios Xenofos

Statistical Multipath Exposure of a Human in a Realistic Electromagnetic Environment — Günter Vermeeren, Wout Joseph, Christof Olivier, and Luc Martens

The NORMAN Phantom vs. the BOMAB Phantom: Are They Different? — Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, and Quoc Phan


Determining the Sample Size Required for a Community Radon Survey — Jing Chen, Bliss L. Tracy, Jan M. Zielinski, and Deborah Moir


Problems Found Using a Radon Stripping Algorithm for Retrospective Assessment of Air Filter Samples — Robert B. Hayes


Assessing Dose of the Representative Person for the Purpose of Radiation Protection of the Public and the Optimization of Radiological Protection: Broadening the Process — Reviewed by Adela Salame-Alfie

Human Alimentary Tract Model for Radiological Protection — Reviewed by Charles A. Potter


ICNIRP Statement on EMF-Emitting New Technologies — The International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection



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