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March 2008, Volume 94, Number 3

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The European Space Agency's Columbus module on a overhead crane at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Columbus will be connected to the International Space Station during the next space shuttle Atlantis mission (STS-122) and will house experiments in medicine, biology, physics, and related disciplines. Research in this issue of Health Physics measured the radiation shielding properties of Kevlar and Nextel, materials used in the walls of Columbus. See article by C. Lobascio et al. on page 242 for more information (Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossman).
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Occupational Radiation Doses to Operators Performing Cardiac Catheterization Procedures — Kwang Pyo Kim, Donald L. Miller, Stephen Balter, Ruth A. Kleinerman, Martha S. Linet, Deukwoo Kwon, and Steven L. Simon


Case-Control Study of Lung Cancer Risk from Residential Radon Exposure in Worcester County, Massachusetts — Richard E. Thompson, Donald F. Nelson, Joel H. Popkin, and Zenaida Popkin

Accelerator-Based Tests of Radiation Shielding Properties of Materials Used in Human Space Infrastructures — C. Lobascio, M. Briccarello, R. Destefanis, M. Faraud, G. Gialanella, G. Grossi, V. Guarnieri, L. Manti, M. Pugliese, A. Rusek, P. Scampoli, and M. Durante

Bayesian Hypothesis Testing–Use in Interpretation of Measurements — G. Miller, H. Martz, T. Little, and L. Bertelli

Predictability of Acute Radiation Injury Severity — Tamara V. Azizova, Sergey V. Osovets, Richard D. Day, Maria B. Druzhinina, Margarita V. Sumina, Valentina S. Pesternikova, Igor I. Teplyakov, Aimin Zhang, Michael Kuniak, Evgeny K. Vasilenko, Niel Wald, David M. Slaughter, Nadezhda D. Okladnikova, and Laura Cassidy Schall

Concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in the Soils of Bangalore Region, India — N.G. Shiva Prasad, N. Nagaiah, G.V. Ashok, and N. Karunakara

Comparison of Activation Products and Induced Dose Rates in Different High-Energy Medical Linear Accelerators — Helmut W. Fischer, Ben Tabot, and Björn Poppe

238U, 232Th, 222Rn, and 220Rn Concentrations Measured in Various Bottled Mineral Waters and Resulting Radiation Doses to the Members of the European Population Living in the City of Marrakech (Morocco) — M.A. Misdaq and A. Chaouqi


Difficulties in Using 234U/238U Ratios to Detect Enriched or Depleted Uranium — Robert L. Fleischer


On the Home Front: The Cold War Legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Site, Third Edition — Reviewed by Ronald L. Kathren


In Memoriam—Melvin W. Carter, 1927-2007 — Citation by Thomas S. Tenforde

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