Health Physics Society Journal

February 2008, Volume 94, Number 2

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 94, No. 2, February 2008
Tridimensional visualization of the Visible Chinese Human model. See article by Guozhi Zhang et al. on page 118 for more information.


The ALARA Principle in the Context of a Radiological or Nuclear Emergency — Stephen V. Musolino, Joseph DeFranco, and Richard Schlueck


Biological Estimation of Dose in Hemi-Body Irradiation of Cancer Patients by Cytogenetic Analysis — S. Senthamizhchelvan, G.S. Pant, G.K. Rath, P.K. Julka, O. Nair, R. Prabhakar, and A. Malhotra

The Development and Application of the Visible Chinese Human Model for Monte Carlo Dose Calculations — Guozhi Zhang, Qingming Luo, Shaoqun Zeng, and Qian Liu

The Air-Kerma Rate Constant: Application to Air-Kerma Measurements for Homeland Security — L. Pibida, R. Minniti, L. Lucas, and S.M. Seltzer

Computation of Temperature Elevation in Rabbit Eye Irradiated by 2.45-GHz Microwaves with Different Field Configurations — Akimasa Hirata, Soichi Watanabe, Masao Taki, Osamu Fujiwara, Masami Kojima, and Kazuyuki Sasaki

Uncertainty and Variability in Historical Time-Weighted Average Exposure Data — Adam J. Davis and Daniel J. Strom

Measured and Computed Induced Body Currents in Front of an Experimental RF Dielectric Heater — Sami Kännälä, Lauri Puranen, Ari-Pekka Sihvonen, and Kari Jokela

Acute Chemical Toxicity of Uranium — Ronald L. Kathren and Richard K. Burklin

Credibility of Chernobyl Thyroid Doses Exceeding 10 Gy Based on In-Vivo Measurements of 131I in Belarus — Sergey M. Shinkarev, Paul G. Voillequé, Yury I. Gavrilin, Valery T. Khrouch, André Bouville, Masaharu Hoshi, Reinhard Meckbach, Victor F. Minenko, Alexander V. Ulanovsky, and Nicholas Luckyanov


Analytical Approximation of Exact Poisson-Lognormal Likelihood Functions — Guthrie Miller


Corrected Kd Values for Selenium — Mark Fuhrmann and Adam L. Schwartzman

Response to Fuhrmann and Schwartzman — Marsha I. Sheppard


Physics & Engineering of Radiation Detection — Reviewed by Mark L. Maiello


In Memoriam—Melvin W. Carter, 1927-2007 — Citation by Thomas S. Tenforde

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