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January 2008, Volume 94, Number 1

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 94, No. 1, January 2008
Front panel layout of the ANL-designed tritium sampler. See article by W.J. Munyon et al. on page 75 for more information.


Cancer Risk in Nuclear Workers Occupationally Exposed to Uranium—Emphasis on Internal Exposure — Irina Guseva Canu, Elizabeth Dupree Ellis, and Margot Tirmarche


Freundlich and Dual Langmuir Isotherm Models for Predicting 137Cs Binding on Savannah River Site Soils — Momoko Goto, Robert Rosson, J. Marion Wampler, W. Crawford Elliott, Steven Serkiz, and Bernd Kahn

Modeling Gamma Radiation Dose in Dwellings Due to Building Materials — Peter de Jong and Willem van Dijk

Determination of Natural Radionuclides Content in Some Building Materials in Nigeria by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry — J.A. Ademola

Indoor Radon in Kuwait — Darwish Al-Azmi, A.I. Abu-Shady, A.M. Sayed, and Y. Al-Zayed

Measurements of ELF Electromagnetic Exposure of the General Public from Belgian Power Distribution Substations — Wout Joseph, Leen Verloock, and Luc Martens


Safety Devices for Delivery of Radioactive Iodine — Paul F. Jensen and Joseph C. Hung

A 3He Counter Version of the Thermo Fisher Scientific NRD Neutron Rem Meter — Richard H. Olsher and David T. Seagraves


AGHCF Gaseous-Effluent Tritium Sampling System: Design Considerations and Performance Testing Results — W.J. Munyon, D.W. Reilly, and J. Webb


Comment on Poisson-Based Detection Limit and Signal Confidence Intervals for Few Total Counts — Edward T. Bramlitt and Joseph J. Shonka

Reply to Bramlitt and Shonka — Joseph L. Alvarez


Radiological Conditions in the Dnieper River Basin: Assessment by an International Expert Team and Recommendations for an Action Plan — Reviewed by Rudolf M. Alexakhin


In Memoriam-Melvin W. Carter, 1927-2007 — Citation by Thomas S. Tenforde

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