Health Physics Society Journal

September 2007, Volume 93, Number 3

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 93, No. 3, September 2007
A statue of Igor Vasiljevich Kurchatov in Kurchatov Square in Ozyorsk, Russia. The first Soviet industrial reactor was commissioned on 19 June 1948 at the Mayak site near Ozyorsk; it was designed and operated under the scientific guidance of Kurchatov. Studies of the historical occupational exposure received by workers in this nuclear complex are highlighted in this special issue of Health Physics.


The Department of Energy's Russian Health Studies Program — Barrett N. Fountos and Joel L. Rabovsky


Mayak Worker Dosimetry Study: An Overview — E.K. Vasilenko, V.F. Khokhryakov, S.C. Miller, J.J. Fix, K. Eckerman, D.O. Choe, M. Gorelov, V.V. Khokhryakov, V. Knyasev, M.P. Krahenbuhl, R.I. Scherpelz, M. Smetanin, K. Suslova, and V. Vostrotin

Uncertainties Analysis for the Plutonium Dosimetry Model, Doses-2005, Using Mayak Bioassay Data — John D. Bess, Melinda P. Krahenbuhl, Scott C. Miller, David M. Slaughter, Viktor Khokhryakov, Valentin F. Khokhryakov, Klara G. Suslova, and Vadim V. Vostrotin

Mayak Film Dosimeter Response Studies, Part I: Measurements — E.K. Vasilenko, V. Knyazev, M. Gorelov, M. Smetanin, R.I. Scherpelz, and J.J. Fix

Mayak Film Dosimeter Response Studies, Part II: Response Models — M. Smetanin, E.K. Vasilenko, I. Lyubarskaya, V. Knyazev, M. Gorelov, R.I. Scherpelz, and J.J. Fix

Mayak Film Dosimeter Response Studies, Part III: Application to Worker Dose Assessment — M. Smetanin, E.K. Vasilenko, and R.I. Scherpelz


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