Health Physics Society Journal

August 2007, Volume 93, Number 2

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 93, No. 2, August 2007
UVR irradiance spectra at different distances from shield metal arc welding. See article by Chiung-yu Peng et al. on page 101 for more information.


Evaluation and Monitoring of UVR in Shield Metal Arc Welding Processing — Chiung-yu Peng, Hung-hsin Liu, Cheng-ping Chang, Jeng-yueh Shieh, and Cheng-hang Lan

Derived Intervention Levels for Edible Parts of Foodstuffs Consumed in Iran — A.A. Fathivand and J. Amidi

Estimating Active Bone Marrow Dose from Occupational Exposure to Uranium at a Former Gaseous Diffusion Plant — J.L. Anderson, H.B. Spitz, and J.H. Yiin

Poisson-Based Detection Limit and Signal Confidence Intervals for Few Total Counts — Joseph L. Alvarez

The Estimation of the Number of Underground Coal Miners and the Annual Dose to Coal Miners in China — Fu-dong Liu, Zi-qiang Pan, Sen-lin Liu, Ling Chen, Ji-zeng Ma, Ming-li Yang, and Nan-ping Wang

Examination of Underground Miners Data for Radon Progeny Size Reduction as Cause of High Radon "Inverse" Dose Rate Effect — Bobby E. Leonard


Directional Frequency Correction for the STAR Meteorological Joint Frequency Computer Program — J.G. Droppo

Direct-Immersion and Water-Extraction Methods for Measuring Tritium Contamination of Concrete — Takao Kawano, Makoto Kuroyanagi, and Takeshi Tabei

Radon Measurement in Canada with Electret Ion Chambers — Jing Chen

Comparison of the CT Scatter Fractions Provided in NCRP Report No. 147 to Scanner-Specific Scatter Fractions and the Consequences for Calculated Barrier Thickness — Sandra C. Larson, Mitchell M. Goodsitt, Emmanuel G. Christodoulou, and Lloyd S. Larson


Decision Making for Complex Socio-Technical Systems Robustness from Lessons Learned in Long-Term Radioactive Waste Governance — Reviewed by Wayne Corneil



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