Health Physics Society Journal

July 2007, Volume 93, Number 1

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 93, No. 1, July 2007
An explosive aerosolizing experiment at Sandia National Laboratories. The green spot on the fireball shows the interrogation of the fireball for composition information using a LIDAR system from Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC). See article by Frederick T. Harper et al. on page 1 for more information.


Realistic Radiological Dispersal Device Hazard Boundaries and Ramifications for Early Consequence Management Decisions — Frederick T. Harper, Stephen V. Musolino, and William B. Wente

Energy Dependence of Dose and Dose-Rate Effectiveness Factor for Low-LET Radiations: Potential Importance to Estimation of Cancer Risks and Relationship to Biological Effectiveness — J.R. Trabalka and D.C. Kocher

Development of 241Am Lung Monitoring System Using an Imaging Plate — Masahiro Hirota, Osamu Kurihara, Chie Takada, Koji Takasaki, Takumaro Momose, Shizuhiko Deji, Shigeki Ito, Takuya Saze, and Kunihide Nishizawa

Uranium Partition Coefficients (Kd) in Forest Surface Soil Reveal Long Equilibrium Times and Vary by Site and Soil Size Fraction — Jeffrey J. Whicker, John E. Pinder III, Shawki A. Ibrahim, James M. Stone, David D. Breshears, and Kristine N. Baker

Modeling Energy Deposition in Trabecular Spongiosa Using the Monte Carlo Code PENELOPE — Jacob A. Gersh, Michael Dingfelder, and Larry H. Toburen

Health Surveillance of Gulf War I Veterans Exposed to Depleted Uranium: Updating the Cohort — M.A. McDiarmid, S.M. Engelhardt, M. Oliver, P. Gucer, P.D. Wilson, R. Kane, A. Cernich, B. Kaup, L. Anderson, D. Hoover, L. Brown, R. Albertini, R. Gudi, D. Jacobsen-Kram, and K.S. Squibb


Summertime Short-Term Negative Radon Tests Need to be Retested in Winter — James L. McNees and Susan H. Roberts

Skin Dose Measurement for Patients Using Imaging Plates in Interventional Radiology Procedures — Hiroko Ohuchi, Toshimitsu Satoh, Yoichi Eguchi, Yuji Kaga, Takeshi Arai, Shin-ichi Suzuki, and Akira Yamadera



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