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Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 78, No. 1, January 2000
Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in winter. Research on organically bound tritium dose contribution to atomic radiation workers, carried out at CRL, is discussed in an article by A. Trivedi et al. on page 2

Contents of Volume 78, No. 1, January 2000


Your Own Toolbox — Bruce Busby


Dose Contribution from Metabolized Organically Bound Tritium After Chronic Tritiated Water Intakes in Humans — A. Trivedi, D. Galeriu, and E. S. Lamothe

Thorium Isotopes in Autopsy Samples from Thorium Workers — A. F. Stehney and H. F. Lucas

EPR Dose Reconstruction for Russian Nuclear Workers — A. A. Romanyukha, E. A. Ignatiev, E. K. Vasilenko, E. G. Drozhko, A. Wieser, P. Jacob, I. B. Keirim-Markus, E. D. Kleschenko, N. Nakamura, and C. Miyazawa

Electromagnetic Field Strength Levels Surrounding Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems — C. Harris, W. Boivin, S. Boyd, J. Coletta, L. Kerr, K. Kempa, and S. Aronow

Contributions of 18 Food Categories to Intakes of 232Th and 238U in Japan — Kunio Shiraishi, Keiko Tagami, and Yasuyuki Muramatsu, and Masayoshi Yamamoto

Options for Managing Foodstuffs Contaminated with Radiocesium and Radiostrontium — R. F. M. Woodman and A. F. Nisbet

Internal Dose for Ingestion of Molybdenum Radionuclides Based on a Revised Biokinetic Model — Augusto Guissani, Marie Claire Cantone, Daniela de Bartolo, Paul Roth, and Eckhard Werner

Imaging Radiation Induced Muscular Necrosis with Antimyosin-Scintography and Computed Tomography — J. L. Albérini, J. L. Lefaix, J. Y. Bansard, and P. Bourguet

Age-Dependent Thyroid Absorbed Doses for Radiobiologically Significant Radioisotopes of Iodine — Pat B. Zanzonico

Correcting Tritium Concentrations in Water Vapor Monitored with Silica Gel — Robert Rosson, Richard Jakiel, Shane Klima, Bernd Kahn, and Peter Fledderman

Experimental Verification of the Attachment Theory of Radon Progeny onto Ambient Aerosols — Shinji Tokonami

Dose Conversion Factor for Radon Concentration in Indoor Environments Using a New Equation for the F-f P Correlation — Arturo Vargas, Xavier Ortega, and Marcel Porta


Relationship Between the 137Cs Whole-Body Counting Results and Soil and Food Contamination in Farms Near Chernobyl — Toshihiro Takatsuji, Hitoshi Sato, Jun Takada, Satoru Endo, Masaharu Hoshi, Vagif F. Sharifov, Irina I. Veselkina, Irina V. Pilenko, Wafa A. F. Kalimullin, Vladimir B. Masyakin, Andrey I. Kovalev, Isao Yoshikawa, and Syunzo Okajima

Monitoring of 3H Surface Contamination by Noncontact Radioluminography — Etsuko Furuta, Yukio Yoshizawa, Takashi Natake, and Makoto Takiue

Evidence for and Implications of Self-Background of Radon Dosimeters with Glass-Fiber Filters — L. W. Put, J. Lembrechts, E. R. van der Graaf, and P. Stoop


Dose Rate Measurements Combined with Social Behavior Models Enables Estimation of Potential Radiation Hazards to Families of Patients Treated with Radioiodine — Sally F. Barrington, Michael J. O'Doherty, Andrew G. Kettle, and Peter J. Mountford

Response to Barrington et al. — I. Mathieu and C. Beckers


Introduction to Nuclear Concepts for Engineers — Reviewed by Wesley E. Bolch

Basic Health Physics—Problems and Solutions — Reviewed by Clayton French


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