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Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 77, No. 5, November 1999
On the cover: A study of direct contamination to fruit and leaf-to-fruit transfer factors for 134Cs and 85Sr was done on grapevines, apple trees, and pear trees to help assess public dose from accidental environmental contamination. See article by F. Carini et al. on page 520 for more information.

Contents of Vol. 77, No. 5, November 1999


Submitting a Manuscript Should Not Be an Intimidating Process — Ken Miller


What's New? — Bruce Busby


A Brief History of Nuclear Criticality Accidents in Russia—1953-1997 — George J. Vargo


Elevated Urine Uranium Excretion by Soldiers with Retained Uranium Shrapnel — Frank J. Hooper, Katherine S. Squibb, Eliot L. Siegel, Kathleen McPhaul, and James P. Keogh

134Cs and 85Sr in Fruit Plants Following Wet Aerial Deposition — F. Carini, I. Anguissola Scotti, and P. G. D'Alessandro

Finger Doses Received During 153Sm Injections — John E. Pattison

Improved Estimates of Effective Dose Equivalent Using Two Optimal Anisotropic Responding Dosimeters — H. J. Han, W. D. Reece, and C. H. Kim

Validation of a Geologically Based Radon Risk Map: Are the Indoor Radon Concentrations Higher in High-Risk Areas? — Lennart Friis, Ned Carter, Olof Nordman, Abraham Simeonidis, and Stefan Järdö

An Application of the NCRP Screening Techniques to Atmospheric Radon Releases from the Former Feed Materials Production Center Near Fernald, Ohio — Charles W. Miller

Investigation of Atmospheric, Mechanical and Other Pressure Effects Influencing the Levels of Radon and Radon Progeny in Buildings — Frederick Marley

Mass Attenuation Coefficients of Clear-Pb for Photons from 125I, 103Pd, 99MTc, 192Ir, 137Cs, and 60Co — Mark J. Rivard, David S. Waid, and Jacek G. Wierzbicki


MAXED, A Computer Code for Maximum Entropy Deconvolution of Multisphere Neutron Spectrometer Data — Marcel Reginatto and Paul Goldhagen

An Instrument for Measuring Equilibrium-Equivalent 222Rn and 220Rn Concentrations with Etched Track Detectors — Weihai Zhuo and Takao Iida


Radiation Safety System of the B-Factory at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center — J. C. Liu, P. Bong, B. Gray, X. S. Mao, G. Nelson, W. R. Nelson, D. Schultz, and J. Seeman

Characterization and Minimization of Extremity Doses During 32P Metabolic Cell Labeling — Steve Bursik, Jill Meisenhelder, and Gerard Spahn

Xenon Spill Distribution and Room Clearance — Charles A. Kelsey and Robert J. Telepak


Occupational Exposures at Nuclear Power Plants Seventh Annual Report of the ISOE Programme — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Decommisioning and Restoration of Nuclear Facilities — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


In Memoriam—Edward Joseph Vallario
Citation by Jack Selby

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