Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 77, No. 3, September 1999
On the cover: Many contaminated sites in the United States are being decommissioned. Here, D & D workers dismantle the last part of a glove box in a size reduction tent. See article by A. B. Wolbarst et al. on page 247 for more information. Photo courtesy of the U. S. Department of Energy.

Contents of Vol. 77, No. 3, September 1999


Safeguarding Your Electronic Identity with Encryption — Eric Wagner


Sites in the United States Contaminated with Radioactivity — A. B. Wolbarst, P. F. Blom, D. Chan, R. N. Cherry, Jr., M. Doehnert, D. Fauver, H. B. Hull, J. A. MacKinney, J. Mauro, A. C. B. Richardson, and L. Zaragoza


The Utility of Spot Collection for Urinary Uranium Determinations in Depleted Uranium Exposed Gulf War Veterans — Melissa A. McDiarmid, Frank J. Hooper, Katherine Squibb, and Kathleen McPhaul

Correcting for Exposure Measurement Error in a Reanalysis of Lung Cancer Mortality for the Colorado Plateau Uranium Miners Cohort — Daniel O. Stram, Bryan Langholz, Mark Huberman, and Duncan C. Thomas

Comparison of the MCNPTM Calculated and Measured Radiation Field Quantities Near the RB Reactor — Milan P. Pesic and Marko M. Ninkovic

Probabilistic Approach to Ranking Sources of Uncertainty in ELF Magnetic Field Exposure Limits — William H. Bailey, Steave H. Su, and T. Dan Bracken

Uncertainty of the Tritium Dose Conversion Factor — D. M. Hamby

The Effect of Moisture on the Adsorption of Xenon by Activated Carbon — Claudiu Lungu and Dwight Underhill

IAEA/EPA International Climatic Test Program for Integrating Radon Detectors — R. D. Hopper, F. Steinhäusler, and M. Ronca-Battista

Limits and Uncertainties—With Special Regard to Radon Measurements — Harry Friedmann


Screening Level Dose Assessment of Aquatic Biota Downstream of the Marcoule Nuclear Complex in Southern France — Sylvain St-Pierre, Douglas B. Chambers, Leo M. Lowe, and Jean G. Bontoux

Assessment of Need for Transport Tubes When Continuously Monitoring for Radioactive Aerosols — Jeffrey J. Whicker, John C. Rodgers, and Ricky C. Lopez


Cohen's Paradox — R. William Field, Brian J. Smith, and Charles F. Lynch

Response to Cohen's Comments on the Lubin Rejoinder — Jay H. Lubin


Radiation Protection and Dosimetry: A Radical Reappraisal — Reviewed by David J. Brenner

Sixth International Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Symposium (2 Volume Set) — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Environmental Law Handbook, 15th Edition — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Safety and Health Management Planning — Reviewed by Robert J. Emery

Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Biological Effects and Regulatory Control. Invited Papers and Discussions — Reviewed by Cynthia G. Jones


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