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Journal, Vol. 76, No. 5, May 1999 On the cover: Radon risk research: EML personnel making activity vs. particle size measurements in a working mine (Eagle Point Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada). Miners are doing explatory drilling to define the size of the ore body. See the article by Cavallo et al. on p. 532 for more information.

Contents of Vol. 76, No. 5, May 1999


A Case Study of Selected Medical Findings Among Plutonium lnjectees — James H. Stebbings

Removal of Strontium by the Chelating Agent Acetylamino Propylidene Diphosphonic Acid in Rats — Satoshi Fukuda, Haruzo Iida. Yeuming Yan, Yuyuan Xie, and Wenzie Chen

Dynamic Modeling of the Cesium, Strontium and Ruthenium Transfer to Grass and Vegetables — P. Renaud, R. Stapel, H. Maubert, and S. Roussel-Debet

Comparative Study of the PARK and ASTRAL Post-Accidental Decision Support Software — Ph. Renaud. R. Stapel, H. Maubert, M. Bleher, and E. Wirth

Implication of Microdosimetry in Estimation of Radiation Quality in Space Environment — J. L. Shinn, J. W. Wilson. R. C. Singleterry, and M. A. Xapsos

Spatial Variations in Natural Background Radiation: Absorbed Dose Rates in Air in Colorado — J. M. Stone, R. D. Whicker, S. A. Ibrahim, and F. W. Whicker

Prediction of In Vivo Background in Phoswich Lung Count Spectra — N. W. Richards

Radon Progeny Unattached Fraction in an Atmosphere Far from Radioactive Equilibrium — Alfred Cavallo, Adam Hutter, and Peter Shebell

Radon Action Level for High-Rise Buildings — J. K. C. Leung, M. Y. W. Tso, and C. W. Ho


Calculation of the Number of Cancer Deaths Prevented by the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project — Mark L. Miller, Robert E. Cornish, and C. Beth Pomatto

Comparison of Sliced and Whole Lung Sets for the LLNL, and JAERI Torso Phantoms Using Ge Detectors — Gary H. Kramer, Barry M. Hauck, Tae-Young Lee. and Si-Young Chang

The Residential Radon-Lung Cancer Association in U.S. Counties: A Commentary — John R. Goldsmith


Intercomparison of Passive Radon-Detectors Under Field Conditions in Epidemiological Studies — L. Kreienbrock, A. Poffijn, M. Tirmarche, M. Feidcr, A. Kies, and S. C. Darby


Excessive Safety Factor in 1998 ICNIRP Guidelines Retlects Lack of Participation of All Stakeholders in the ICNIRP Process — John M. Osepchuk

Response to Osepchuk — R. Matthes

Response to the Goldsmith Commentary — Bernard L. Cohen


Sea Transport of Radioactive Materials-Special Issue — Reviewed by Assef Azadeh and Hisham Shamkhani

The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation and Control, Instructor's Guide — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Natural and Enhanced Environmental Radon—Special lssue — Reviewed by Henry B. Spitz


In Memoriam—James G. Terrill, Jr. — Citation by John C. Villforth

In Memoriam—Charles A. Willis — Citation by Alen Brodsky

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