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Vol. 76, No. 4, April 1999 On the cover: Cross section of an eye showing the propagation of a laser beam focusing on the retina. The retina is especially susceptible to damage from laser radiation in the retinal hazard regime (0.4-1.4 mm). Maximum exposure limits exist for most exposure durations except those shorter than one nanosecond. In an article by Roach et al., maximum exposure limits in this ultrashort laser pulse regime are proposed. (Graphic provided by B. Rockwell.)

Contents of Vol. 76, No. 4, April 1999


Proposed Maximum Permissible Exposure Limits for Ultrashort Laser Pulses — W. P. Roach, T. E. Johnson, and B. A. Rockwell

A Biosphere Modeling Methodology for Dose Assessments of the Potential Yucca Mountain Deep Geological High Level Radioactive Waste Repository — B. M. Watkins, Cl. M. Smith, R. H. Little, and J. Kessler

Plutonium Excretion in Urine of Residents Living Near the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site — Shawki A. Ibrahim, F. Ward Whicker, Sharren K. Reuss, Randall D. Whicker, Phillip L. Chapman, and Melinda P. Krahenbuhl

Lung Exposure from Inhalation of Radon Progeny: Calculated from In Vivo Measurements of 210Pb in the Skull — Gerard R. Lamer, Julio J. S. Estrada, and Norman Cohen

Monte Carlo Estimation of Absorbed Dose to Organs in Diagnostic Radiology — M. Alonso, T. Barriuso, M. J. Castañeda, N. Díaz-Caneja, I. Gutiérrez, J. J. Sarmiento, and E. Villar

Implications of a Two-Stage Clonal Expansion Model to Indoor Radon Risk Assessment — Olli Castrén

Occupational Doses from Radon in Spanish Spas — J. Soto and J. Gómez


Some Problems in the Skeletal Dosimetry of Bone-Seeking Radionuclides — R. D. Lloyd, D. R. Fisher, R. A. Schlenker, and S. C. Miller


A Comparison of Minimum Detectable and Proposed Maximum Allowable Soil Concentration Cleanup Levels for selected Radionuclides — J. L. Wood, R. R. Benke, S. M. Rohrer, and K. J. Kearfott

Continuous Measurements of Outdoor 222Rn Concentrations for Three Years at One Location in Colorado — T. B. Borak and S. A. Baynes


Decontamination in a Russian Settlement — C. L. Fogh, K. G. Andersson, A. N. Barkovsky, A. S. Mishine, A. V. Ponamarjov, V. P. Ramzaev, and J. Roed


Natural Background Radiation, Altitude, and Oxygen Toxicity — J. H. Stebbings

Response to Stebbings — John Jagger

Comments on "Threshold Models in Radiation Carcinogenesis" by D. G. Hoel and P. Li — M. P. Little

Response to Little — David G. Hoel

Thorotrast and Calciphylactic Scleroderma — James H. Stebbings

Academic Course Selection — Thomas M. Rea

Response to the Lubin Rejoinder — Bernard L. Cohen

Response to "Rejoinder" by Field et al. — Bernard L. Cohen


Justification in Radiation Protection — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Retrospective Dosimetry; physical and Biological Aspects — Reviewed by John W. Poston, Sr.

Half a Century of Nordic Nuclear Co-operation—An Insider's Recollections — Reviewed by Bruce Napier


33rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Health Physics Society


In Memoriam—Lynn Denson Hendrick — Citation by Philip C. Fulmer


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