X-Ray Equipment Disposal

Ken "Duke" Lovins, MS, CHP

In general, medical x-ray equipment should be deinstalled by someone who has experience in disposing of x-ray equipment. This can include x-ray vendors, service engineers, or companies/individuals who dispose of x-ray equipment as scrap.

Unwanted x-ray equipment can be traded in to a vendor (perhaps as a trade-in on replacement equipment), transferred to another facility for medical use (in this country or some other), donated to appropriate learning institutions for education programs, or disposed of as scrap.

In any case, it is important to always follow the x-ray regulations of the state you are in regarding transfer and/or disposal of x-ray equipment. Many states require that you inform the state of the disposition of the unwanted equipment, whether being transferred to another user or being disposed of as scrap. If the unit is being transferred for additional use (either medical use or instructional use), you should make sure that the recipients are authorized by the state they are in to possess x-ray equipment. X-ray equipment should not be transferred to unauthorized individuals if it is possible for it to be used.