Employment Area

Health Physicists' Résumés

Health Physics Society members who are searching for a position can post their résumés for potential employers to review. Since this is a public website, the members are encouraged for their own protection to not provide personal information, i.e., their name or direct contact information. However, if they choose to provide that information, you may, of course, contact them directly.

If a member does not include personal contact information you may contact this member through an HPS website form by using the "Contact" button at the bottom of the page. The member will be notified of your interest and can then contact you. 

NOTE: A résumé posted in this area is solely the responsibility of the individual posting it and the Health Physics Society has no liability or responsibility for its accuracy. The HPS can attest to the fact that the individual is an HPS member at the time of posting.

Use this link to view a list of résumés of health physicists who are seeking employment.