In Memoriam: Joseph L. Shepherd


by Mary Shepherd

Joseph L. Shepherd (JL or Joe), a graduate of Loyola University in Los Angeles, California, passed away in February 2016. His nuclear career lasted over 65 years, starting with graduate work in nuclear chemistry at the University of Notre Dame, working for Isotope Specialties in 1955 and U.S. Nuclear in 1959, and establishing JL Shepherd & Associates in 1967. JL Shepherd & Associates has been an affiliate of the Health Physics Society (HPS) for many years. JL designed many innovative devices, including self-shielded and beam calibrators, biomedical research irradiators, and total dose testing for aerospace and agricultural sterilization devices.

JL Shepherd & Associates will continue his legacy. To the corporate staff, and many in the HPS community, JL was a mentor, colleague, and friend.

JL is survived by his wife, eight children and their spouses, and nine grandchildren, with whom he shared his love of exploration, travel, theater, museums, camping, and fishing.