2005 Health Physics Society Award Recipients

The following HPS awards were formally presented at the awards reception and dinner at the annual meeting of the Society in Spokane, Washington, on Tuesday, 12 July 2005.

Elda E. Anderson Award

This award is presented to a young member of the Society to recognize excellence in (1) research or development, (2) discovery or invention, (3) devotion to health physics, and/or (4) significant contributions to the profession of health physics. The award consists of a plaque and a $1,500 check. The 2005 recipient is Lawrence T. Dauer, shown here with his wife, Lisa.


Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award


This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the science and technology of radiation protection. It consists of a plaque and life membership in the Society. The 2005 recipient is Eric J. Hall.


  Robley D. Evans

Commemorative Medal

This medal is given in memory of Dr. Robley D. Evans who, over a period of more than 50 years, was exemplary as a physics educator, scientist, author, and humanitarian. His contributions and dedication to radiation safety and to the health physics profession were extraordinary in practice and outstanding in intellectual acumen. The 2005 recipient is John W. Poston, Sr.


Founders Award

This award is designed to recognize exceptional service to the Health Physics Society or the health physics profession. It consists of a plaque and life membership in the Society. The 2005 recipient is Charles B. Meinhold.


Fellow Members

This award honors senior members of the Society who have made significant administrative, educational, and/or scientific contributions to the profession of health physics. The HPS fellow class of 2005 consists of back row left to right, Casper Sun, Chuan-Fu Wu, Bruce B. Dicey, David C. Kocher, Lawrence N. Rothenberg, Robert A. Fjeld. Front row, Nolan E. Hertel, Michael T. Ryan, Mary L. Birch, Roy A. Parker. Not in photo, John A. Leonowich and Richard V. Osborne. (Vern C. Rogers, Posthumous)


ScienceTeacher Award

This award honors significant teaching contributions made to educating students in topics related to the field of radiation safety. The award consists of a certificate and a citation, a cash award of $500 to the teacher's high school in the teacher's name, an honorary membership in the Society, and travel assistance to attend the awards ceremony. The 2005 recipient is Donna Armani.