Mentorship Committee

Mentorship Committee Task Force Charter

There is a strong base of interest in an ongoing mentorship program within the Health Physics Society (HPS).

The Mentorship Committee Task Force (“task force”) is a project of the Membership Committee and reports to the chair of the Membership Committee, Lainy Cochran.

This task force is charged with creating the guiding documents for the proposed Mentorship Committee, a new permanent committee of the HPS. The goals of the task force are as follows:

  • Draft a Rule for HPS Rules Committee and HPS Board approval specifying creation of the Mentorship Committee

The task force members as of February 22 are: Jess Joyce (Chair), Deepesh Poudel, Charles Wilson, Dawn Montgomery, Tom Morgan, and Adela Salame-Al?e. These individuals represent the Membership Committee, Student Support Committee, Early Career Professionals Section, the former Mentoring Task Force, and participants in the current HPS mentoring program.

The term of this task force assignment shall be February 2022 through Board approval of the draft Rule.

Upon formation, the Mentorship Committee will:

  • Draft a Mentorship Committee Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specifying, at a minimum, plans for its ?rstyear of performance and its charter, organization, procedures and authority.
  • Review existing Rules and SOPs for Membership, Academic Education, and Student Support Committees for duplicative references to mentorship programs and resolve di?erences
  • Build upon the progress made by the Mentoring Task Force and May 2021 white paper “Recommendations of the Mentoring Task Force Committee on Increasing the Value of the HPS Mentoring Programs” by incorporating recommendations into the SOP
  • DRAFT charter: the Mentorship Committee will provide an opportunity for knowledgeable members of the HPS to foster growth in the profession by sharing experiences and resources with other members.

Current Members

Director: Jama Vanhhorne-Sealy, '23
Chair: Jess Joyce, '23
Charles Wilson - Committee Member, '23
Steve King - Committee Member, '23
Bob Emery - Committee Member, '23
Brian Serencstis - Committee Member, '23
Tom Johnson - Advisor, '23
Adela Salame-Alfie - Advisor, '23
Jillian Newmyer - Advisor, '23
Lainy Cochran - Advisor, '23