Video Series Task Force

Problem Description: The existing video series is ambiguous in terms of status as an official HPS product and position. There is no clear owner for the videos and no established method to maintain them with regard to updating or correcting errors. The process proposed to continue work on the existing videos and an extension to the video series is inconsistent with standard HPS practices. There is no documented process for video publication that takes advantage of marketing or other concerns.

Project Description: This project will review the existing History of LNT videos for opportunities regarding improvements to better meet the HPS mission and vision. The project will establish the future direction for this video series.

Expected Outcomes: This project will establish a process for this video series consistent with other HPS projects. This project will clarify the status of the existing videos as an HPS-branded product and provide prioritized recommendations for modifications/corrections/improvements to the existing videos. This project will also establish the future for this video series in consultation with the wishes of the HPS membership and Board of Directors.

Deliverables and Milestones: 

  1. Survey HPS membership regarding existing video series and future directions. (31 Aug 2022)

  2. Evaluate potential changes to intro and outro that reflects intended message and branding for existing videos. Note: All branding is approved by Board.

  3. Identify & prioritize fixes/modifications to existing videos.

  4. Establish future direction for this video series.

  5. Provide lessons learned and recommendations to PIC and Board on how Board should engage on controversial topics/projects

Start Date: TBD by Task Force, but no later than 1 August 2022

End Date: TBD by Task Force, but no later than 28 February 2023

Current Members

Director: Elizabeth Brackett, '24
Chair: Matthew McFee, '24
David Allard - Committee Member, '24
Dan Sowers - Committee Member, '24
Emily Caffrey - Committee Member, '24
Alan Fellman - Committee Member, '24
Eric Abelquist - Committee Member, '24
Alan Waltar - Committee Member, '24
Victoria Brown - Committee Member, '24
Brett Burk - Committee Member, '24