Midyear Meeting Task Force

The Task Force will identify options for the replacement of the Midyear Meeting with other meeting activities or ways to modify the Midyear Meeting to be of greater and more widespread value to the members.  In particular, the Task Force will:

  • Evaluate recent Midyear meetings with respect to attendance and value to members of the Society;
  • Evaluate activities other than paper presentations that are carried out at Midyear Meetings that would need to be facilitated by other means if the Society chooses to terminate the Midyear Meeting in its traditional sense;
  • Evaluate the benefit of holding regional midyear meetings rather than a national one with attention to the role of local chapters in this potential approach;
  • Evaluate the benefit of holding midyear meetings with other organizations, ranging from IRPA and NCRP to other professional societies (e.g. AAPM);
    • Previous Midyears held in conjunction with the NCRP should be of value in this assessment.
  • Make a proposal for the Board of Directors to vote upon at the Summer 2019 Meeting.  This proposal should be well-defined but can be a multifaceted approach for the future.

Current Members

Director: Eric Goldin, '20
Chair: Jack Kraus, '20
Lawrence Dauer, '20
Cynthia Jones, '20
Elaine Marshall, '20
Kathy Pryor, '20
Ed Waller, '20