HPS Research Needs

Task Force will identify options for how the HPS can best support the research needs of the federal agencies and industry, while supporting the research funding for academic programs.  The recent Workshop Summary report (Strategic Research Agenda) and desire to maintain momentum will serve as the catalysts for this effort.

The Scope is:

  • Identify and possibly execute subsequent actions recommended by the Radiation Protection Research Needs Workshop
  • Identify the scientific drivers supporting the national needs in radiation protection research
  • Review the Strategic Research Agenda developed as an output of the RPRN Workshop, and determine how this can be a living document that reflects the radiation protection research areas critical to the completion of the nation’s missions.
  • Assess ongoing status of radiation protection research funding and needs in the U.S., including federal, state and private sector funded research.  
  • Support communication of research needs to appropriate stakeholders, including Congressional appropriators on Capitol Hill.

The final report of the task force was completed in July 2021.

Current Members

Director: Kathryn Higley, '22
Andy Scott - Cochair, '20
Jason Davis - Cochair, '20
Eric Abelquist - Committee Member, '20
Shaheen Dewji - Committee Member, '20
Cynthia Jones - Committee Member, '20
Choonsik Lee - Committee Member, '20
Mike Boyd - Committee Member, '20
Kathy Higley - Committee Member, '20
Frazier Bronson - Committee Member, '20
Don Cool - Committee Member, '20
Derek Jokisch - Committee Member, '20
Wayne Newhauser - Committee Member, '20