Student Support Committee

The Student Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Enhancing the HPS student membership experience.
  • Maintaining a student voice at the HPS leadership table.
  • Improving the retention rate when students become eligible for plenary membership.
  • Giving students experience in Society leadership positions.

The Student Support Committee is composed of nine members who are currently or have recently been (within the past three years) students in a health physics related academic program.

Information about fellowships, scholarships, and grants can be found here.

Current Members

Director: Jeff Whicker, '19
Chair: Caitlin Condon, '19
Joshua Dendler, '19
Thuquynh Dinh, '19
Joy Epps, Advisor
Jessica Graeber, '21
Patrick Hann, '20
Jack Kuchta, Advisor
Kevin Liu, '19
Deepesh Poudel, '19
Caleigh Samuels, '21
Michael Shang, '19
Chu Wang, Advisor
Kristen Weismantel, '19