Student Support Committee

The Student Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Enhancing the HPS student membership experience.
  • Maintaining a student voice at the HPS leadership table.
  • Improving the retention rate when students become eligible for plenary membership.
  • Giving students experience in Society leadership positions.

The Student Support Committee is composed of nine members who are currently or have recently been (within the past three years) students in a health physics related academic program.

Information about fellowships, scholarships, and grants can be found here.

Current Members

Director: Jama Van Horne-Sealy, '22
Chair: Dawn Montgomery, '23
Audrey Nguyen - Committee Member, '24
Tanner Ambrose - Committee Member, '24
Caleigh Samuels - Committee Member, '22
Norbert Hugger - Committee Member, '22
Raquema Williams - Committee Member, '25
Eric Krage - Advisor
Johnson Aina - Committee Member, '25
Chu Wang - Advisor
Jordan Noey - Committee Member, '24
Samuel Bachman - Committee Member, '25
Caitin Condon - Advisor
Andrew Katsatkin - Advisor, '22