Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides for the expeditious handling of routine administrative affairs of the Society between Board meetings. This committee acts for the Board; however, this delegation shall not relieve any Board member of any responsibility imposed by law. The Executive Committee may take any actions that the Board may take except that the committee may not adopt or amend Society RULES, fill vacancies on the Board, enter into financial obligations not covered by the annual budget, or arrive at a decision by letter ballot.

The Board appoints the Executive Committee each year. The composition is normally the president, immediate past president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and secretary-elect or treasurer-elect.

Current Members

Director: John Cardarelli, '23
Chair: John Cardarelli, '23
Nicole Martinez - Secretary, '23
Kendall Berry - Treasurer-elect, '24
Ali Simpkins - Treasurer, '22
Brett Burk - Executive Director