Accredited Standards Committee N43, Equipment for Non-Medical Radiation Applications Committee

Accredited Standards Committee N43 Scope:  Standards pertaining to the radiation safety aspects of products, devices, and equipment for non-medical or non-veterinary scientific, industrial, security, and educational uses involving ionizing radiation sources including radioactive materials, accelerators, and x-ray equipment, that produce ionizing radiation external to the human body, but excluding nuclear reactors.

Current Members

Director: John Cardarelli, '19
Chair: Greg Komp, '19
Craig Jones, Vice Chair, '19
Antonio Triventi, ex officio - Standards Chair, '19
Amy Wride-Graney (non-HPS), Secretary
Nancy Johnson (non-HPS), HPS Assistant Standards Coordinator

N43 Committee Chairs

N43.1 - Cochairs are Scott Walker and James Liu

N43.2 – Chair is Ted De Castro

N43.3 – Chair is William (Chuck) Salsbury

N43.4 - Chair is Greg Komp

N43.5 – Cochairs are Tom O’Brien and Matthew Cosgrove

N43.6 – Chair is Jack Dukes

N43.7 – Chair is G. Spencer Mickum

N43.8 – Chair is Jack Dukes

N43.9 – Chair is Richard D. (Donny) DiCharry

N43.10 - Chair is Christopher Vanderpool

N43.11 – Cochairs are William Morris and William Hoak

N43.14 – Chair is Siraj M. Khan

N43.15 – Chair is vacant

N43.16 – Cochairs are Richard Whitman and Craig Jones

N43.17 – Cochairs are Daniel Kassiday and Jack Glover