Accredited Standards Committee N43, Equipment for Non-Medical Radiation Applications Committee

Accredited Standards Committee N43 Scope:  Standards pertaining to the radiation safety aspects of products, devices, and equipment for non-medical or non-veterinary scientific, industrial, security, and educational uses involving ionizing radiation sources including radioactive materials, accelerators, and x-ray equipment, that produce ionizing radiation external to the human body, but excluding nuclear reactors.

Current Members

Director: Adela Salame-Alfie, '22
Chair: Craig Jones, '22
Richard Whitman - Vice Chair, '22
Amy Wride-Graney - Standards Coordinator
Antonio Triventi - ex officio - Standards Chair, '21

N43 Committee Chairs

N43.1 - Cochairs are Scott Walker and James Liu

N43.2 – Chair is Ted De Castro

N43.3 – Chair is William (Chuck) Salsbury

N43.4 - Chair is Greg Komp

N43.5 – Cochairs are Tom O’Brien and Matthew Cosgrove

N43.6 – Chair is Jack Dukes

N43.7 – Chair is G. Spencer Mickum

N43.8 – Chair is Jack Dukes

N43.9 – Chair is Richard D. (Donny) DiCharry

N43.10 - Chair is Christopher Vanderpool

N43.11 – Cochairs are William Morris and William Hoak

N43.14 – Chair is Siraj M. Khan

N43.15 – Chair is vacant

N43.16 – Cochairs are Richard Whitman and Craig Jones

N43.17 – Cochairs are Daniel Kassiday and Jack Glover


N43 Committee (voting)

Name   Organization
Craig Jones   Chair; Individual member
Richard Whitman   Vice Chair; Individual member
John (Jack) Dukes   ABB Industrial Systems Inc. (I)
Anthony LaMastra   American Iron and Steel Institute (I)
Edward Walker   American Society for Testing and Materials (P)
Rajesh Garg   Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (G)
Antonio Triventi   Health Physics Society (HPS) (Alternate: David Bytwerk)
Chris Vanderpool   Hopewell Designs, Inc. (I)
Willie Harris   National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) (Alternate: Mike Lewandoski)
Jack Glover    National Institute of Standards and Technology (GI) (Alternate: Timothy Barvitskie)
Tomas Herrera   U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (G) (Alternate: Joey Rolland)
Ramachandra Bhat   U. S. Department of the Air Force - Office of the Surgeon General (M)
Craig Jones   U.S. Department of the Army - Office of the Surgeon General (M) (Alternate: Scott Goodison)
Tim Mikulski   U.S. Department of the Army (M) (Alternate: Major Aaron Thompson)
John Blaikie   U.S. Department of Energy (G) (Alternate: George Chiu)
Capt. Greg Fairchild   U. S. Department of the Navy (M)
Daniel Kassiday   U. S. Department of Health and Human Services -  Public Health Service (G)
Shinkyu David Park   U.S. Department of Homeland Security
David R. Brown   Member
Greg Komp   Member
David W. Lee   Member
William Morris   Member
Sander Perle   Member
Marvin M. Turkanis   Member
Richard Whitman   Member
    Interest Categories:
G=Government/Regulatory (6)
M=Military (4)
P=Professional Society (2)
I=Industry/User (3)
GI=General Interest/Individual (6)