Rules Committee

The Rules Committee provides support to the Society officers and Board of Directors by helping the business of the Society proceed smoothly and according to established procedures. The Rules Committee is responsible for interpreting the provisions of the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION, the BYLAWS, and the RULES of the Society; recommending to the Board changes to the BYLAWS and RULES; assisting the Board in reviewing and drafting changes to the BYLAWS and RULES; and reviewing for conformance with the BYLAWS and RULES proposed new and amended committee standard operating procedures and chapter and section charters and bylaws.

The Rules Committee is composed of three members; each must be a voting member of the Society. The chair serves as parliamentarian of the Society and is a member of the Advisory Panel to the Board. No officer or member of the Board may serve on the Rules Committee.

A few hours per month, more during annual and midyear meetings. Members attend the annual and midyear meetings of the Health Physics Society. Members must be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order, all Society Rules and Bylaws, and committee standard operating procedures and have an interest in legislative procedure that helps organizations and business meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

Current Members

Director: Elizabeth Brackett, '25
Chair: Jan Braun, '23
William Pate - Committee Member, '25
Tim Taulbee - Committee Member, '25