Public Information Committee Organization

The Public Information Committee (previously called the Public Education Committee) is responsible for gathering, organizing, and presenting information within the Society's objectives; responding to requests of the president, and others, for presentation of this information to laypersons, governmental organizations, and individuals and to other scientific and technical organizations; and facilitating dissemination of accurate and unbiased information with regard to ionizing radiation by preparing educational materials and other activities as suggested and/or approved by the Board of Directors.

The Public Information Committee is comprised of nine members and may designate subcommittees as needed.

One to several hours per week

Meetings are held at the annual and midyear meeting and phone conferences are held once every month or two. Phone call ins are also available at annual and midyear meetings.

A strong need to get proper information out to the general public. Communication skills that can put highly technical information into words that laypersons can understand. Ability to dedicate some time to help and participate in the committee.

Current Members

Director: Angela Leek, '25
Chair: Sara Dumit, '26
Candace Krout - Vice Chair, '24
John Cadwalader - Committee Member, '24
Steve Sugarman - Committee Member, '24
Samantha Lockerby - Committee Member, '24
Angela Meng - Committee Member, '24
Katharine McLellan - Committee Member, '26
Craig Little - ex officio - Outreach Editor
Barbara Hamrick - ex-officio - Web EIC