Public Information Committee Organization

The Public Information Committee (previously called the Public Education Committee) is responsible for gathering, organizing, and presenting information within the Society's objectives; responding to requests of the president, and others, for presentation of this information to laypersons, governmental organizations, and individuals and to other scientific and technical organizations; and facilitating dissemination of accurate and unbiased information with regard to ionizing radiation by preparing educational materials and other activities as suggested and/or approved by the Board of Directors.

The Public Information Committee is comprised of nine members and may designate subcommittees as needed.

Current Members

Director: John Cardarelli, '19
Chair: Ali Simpkins, '20
Emily Caffrey, '21
Kelly Classic, ex officio - Outreach Editor
Sara Dumit, '21
Robert Emery, '19
Brian Lemieux, '19
Misty Liverett, '20
Dave Rynders, '19
Dan Sowers, '19
Steve Sugarman, '19