Program Committee

The Program Committee develops and manages the technical program of the annual meeting, including plenary and special sessions. Specific responsibilities include accepting or rejecting submitted abstracts, establishing acceptable presentation media and format, and reviewing and accepting or rejecting presentation visuals based on prescribed time and quality requirements.

Current Members

Director: Mike Mahathy, '20
Chair: Chris Shaw, '20
Emily Caffrey, '22
Jason Davis, '21
Dierdre Elder, '20
Hannah Graham, '21
Tim Kirkham, '20
Greg Komp, '20
Jack Kraus, '21
Megan Lobaugh, '21
Zach Tribbett, '22
Neil Whiteside, '22
Charles Wilson, Advisor, '22

2020 Midyear Meeting Task Force Chair: Megan Lobaugh
2020 Annual Meeting Task Force Chair: Neil Whiteside