Program Committee

The Program Committee develops and manages the technical program of the annual meeting, including plenary and special sessions. Specific responsibilities include accepting or rejecting submitted abstracts, establishing acceptable presentation media and format, and reviewing and accepting or rejecting presentation visuals based on prescribed time and quality requirements.

Varies throughout the year, with up to 10 hours per month December through June. Up to 20 hours during the annual meeting on committee business.

Two-day meeting in February at the site of the next annual meeting and two four-hour meetings on Sunday and Thursday of the annual meeting. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory.

Familiarity with current topics in radiation safety, attention to detail, ability to work with people under significant time constraints, work independently, and creatively solve problems, and time to devote to committee work.

Current Members

Director: Adela Salame-Alfie, '24
Chair: Emily Caffrey, '25
Tony Davila - Committee Member, '26
Rachel Pope Nichols - Committee Member, '24
Bae Chu - Committee Member, '26
Zach Tribbett - Committee Member, '25
Dierdre Elder - Committee Member, '26
Bill Hinchcliffe - Committee Member, '26
Charles Wilson - Committee Member, '25
Joshua Hayes - Committee Member, '24
Megan Lobaugh - Committee Member, '24
Rick Adams - Committee Member, '26
Kendall Williams - Committee Member, '25


2023 ROSS and Internal Dosimetry Midyear Workshop Task Force Chair: Rachel Pope Nichols

68th HPS Annual Meeting (2023) Task Force Chair: Emily Caffrey