Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for acting on membership applications in admitting new members and upgrading the classification of existing members; collecting, summarizing, and reporting information on the composition of the Society's membership and on the population of radiation protection professionals who are not members of the Society; and, on related matters, attempting to identify trends in the above information and recommending to the Board actions to increase the Society's membership; and, in carrying out the above, paying special attention to women, ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged persons in order to strengthen the Society's diversity of membership. The Membership Committee is composed of nine voting members of the Society.

The president, in appointing committee members, and the Board, in approving such appointments, will keep in mind the desirability of geographical diversity among committee members.

Current Members

Director: Kendall Berry, '21
Chair: Gus Potter, '19
Paul Charp, '20
Bae Chu, '21
Lainey Cochran, ‘21
Karl Fischer, '19
Patrick Hann, '19
Danny Rice, '19
Jose Trevino, '21
Allison Wilding, '21