HPS Affiliate: Berthold Technologies, USA LLC

Address: 99 Midway Lane, Oak Ridge, TN 37830; 865-483-1488

Website: http://www.berthold.com

Radiation protection is one of the most important parts in industrial safety and is subject to strict legal regulations. Exactly for this sensitive area BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES provides highly sensitive and reliable instruments for measuring radioactive contamination, dose and dose rate, activity and airborne activity concentrations.

Our product portfolio includes small, portable devices as well as mobile and stationary monitors and large systems. A comprehensive and professional support by our experienced sales engineers is also part of our high quality standard, such as the management of major projects.

Powerful monitors, like the ones manufactured by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES, are essential for a safe and reliable monitoring. Take advantage of our experience in planning and design, installation and commissioning, calibration, documentation and service.

Our quality management has been certified in accordance to the German KTA.