HPS Affiliate: C&C Irradiator Service, LLC

Address: 1030 Evarts St. NE Washington, DC 20018 Phone: 240-604-7959

Website: http://www.ccirradiator.com

C&C Irradiator Service LLC provides preventative maintenance, dose validations, relocations, decommissioning, and emergency repairs to ANSI Category 1 and 2 irradiators. These devices are located in hospitals, blood banks, research facilities, and other various agencies. We provide dose certifications to box calibrators at many nuclear power plants that allow them to calibrate their survey meters effectively, in turn providing them with correct dose rate readings. We also provide leak tests during our service visits to ensure no contamination of RAM is present on or around the devices we service.

C&C Irradiator Service LLC also maintains its own NRC license and dosimetry procedures which detail the required personnel dosimetry to be used at each job site.