HPS Affiliate: Spectral Labs Incorporated

Address: 15920 Bernardo Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92127, 858-451-0541

Website: https://spectrallabs.com/

Spectral Labs Incorporated (SLI) is a small business founded in 2009 and located in San Diego, CA.  Our primary objective is to turn targeted technologies into commercially viable products, with a strong emphasis on developing solutions for national security and defense. Spectral Labs develops computer based training and simulation software and systems primarily targeted to the first responder community, but also valuable to wider audiences, including Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Radioisotope Identifier (RIID) training. With three distinct groups for Product Development, Medium Rate Manufacturing, and Software Simulations and Training, SLI is ready to tailor our safety and security product research and development experience to meet your specific requirements.

Services Offered