HPS Affiliate: Mirion Technologies

Address: 1218 Menlo Dr NW Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30318 770-432-2744; Fax: 203-235-1347

Website: http://mirion.com/

Mirion (NYSE: MIR) is a global leader in radiation safety, science and medicine, with a diverse portfolio of products and services that protects people and the planet from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and accelerates innovation across a diversity of end markets. The Mirion Technologies group provides proven radiation safety technologies that operate with the highest levels of precision - from R&D labs, to critical nuclear facilities, and on the front lines. The Mirion Medical group solutions enhance the delivery and ensure the safety of healthcare, powering the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy QA, Occupational Dosimetry, and Diagnostic Imaging. In collaboration with our customers, Mirion empowers innovations that deliver vital protection and harness the transformative potential of ionizing radiation to shape our future world. Learn more: mirion.com.

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