HPS Fellowships, Scholarships and Travel Grants

Health Physics Society Fellowships

The Health Physics Society (HPS) has several fellowships to support full-time entering or continuing students enrolled in bona fide U.S. graduate programs in health physics or a closely related field. Click here for more details.


In honor of Dade W. Moeller there will be not less than two Dade Moeller and one Dade Moeller Kelly Austin scholarship Awards given to individuals who are enrolled as a student in a bachelors, masters or doctoral program in health physics or related nuclear or environmental sciences at an accredited college or university. Click here for more details.

Travel Grants

The HPS offers travel grants and travel/worker grants for health physics students planning to attend the annual meetings of the HPS. To be eligible for this award a student must be a current member of the HPS, must be an undergraduate or graduate student in health physics or a closely related field with an area of concentration in health physics, and must have a strong health physics career interest. Click here for more details.