Society Support Committee Organization

The Society Support Committee of the Health Physics Society (HPS) is responsible for maintaining and improving support to chapters, sections, and members, including establishing and implementing methods to address member concerns and to involve a greater number of members in the administration and activities of the Society.

In order to meet its responsibilities, the committee has a website devoted to providing support to each of the three major areas (i.e., chapters, sections, and members) in a user-friendly way. In the meantime, there is currently a wealth of information available for each of these audiences.

Chapters will find helpful and informative information on the Chapters home page in the Members Only area (of course, you must be a member of the Society to access this information). Chapter reports are available to anyone on the Chapter Reports page, so any chapter member, whether a member of the Society or not, can see what other chapters are doing for programs, science support, incorporation, etc. The officers of each chapter are listed on the Chapters of the Health Physics Society page. If the information for your chapter is outdated, your chapter officers need to submit an updated chapter report. If you have questions about submitting a chapter report, feel free to contact the website Society operations editor.

Sections are listed on the Sections of the Health Physics Society page and there is some additional information on the Sections home page in the Members Only area. If the information for your section is outdated on the section listing page, contact the website Society operations editor.

Members should be able to find almost anything they need to know regarding their membership and the operations of the Society in the Members Only area.

Members will need to know their HPS Member ID number (use this as your UserID to log in), which is contained on the mailing label of any correspondence from the Society, like the Health Physics Journal. If you can't locate your HPS Member ID number, contact theĀ webmaster. Members will also need to know their password. If you don't know it, you can have it sent to you from the home page by clicking on the "Quick Links" tab on the top of the page (at the left) and then clicking on "Forgot My Password."

For HELP with other questions or issues, chapter and section officers should first contact their director liaison. The director liaison is included in the listing on the chapter listing and section listing pages. Director liaison contact information is available through the Members Directory in the Members Only area.

Members needing help can submit their question or request through the website feedback form, and the website staff will help get the correct person to answer the question or provide help.

Current Members

Director: Tanya Palpiteer-Oxenberg, '26
Chair: Tori Brown, '26
Ali Simpkins - Committee Member, '24
Elizabeth Algutifan - Committee Member, '26
Quaji Jahan - Committee Member, '24
Heather Baxter - Committee Member, '26
Jennifer Boze - Committee Member, '25
Danny McClung - Committee Member, '24
Manar Sakalla - Committee Member, '25
Cody Scott - Committee Member, '24