2022 IRPA North American Regional Congress
"Meeting the Challenges in the Practice of Radiation Protection"

Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
20–24 February 2022

Union Station Hotel, Photo courtesy of Lodging Hospitality Management


The 2022 IRPA North American Regional Congress is sponsored by the Health Physics Society (HPS) and the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). The congress is endorsed by the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP), the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and is supported by the Mexican Society of Irradiation and Dosimetry (SMID).

The main themes of the scientific program and topic areas:

  • Scientific Basis
    • Biological effects of radiation
    • Epidemiology of radiation exposure
  • Characterization of Radiation Exposures
    • External dosimetry
    • Internal dosimetry
    • Environmental and wildlife dosimetry
    • Instrumentation and measurements
    • Nonionizing radiation/5G
  • Applied Health Physics
    • Nuclear facilities
    • Medical health physics
    • Veterinary health physics
    • Military health physics
    • Environmental health physics
    • Natural radiation
    • Space radiation
    • Disasters in health physics
  • Regulations and Communications
    • Regulatory issues
    • Communications with the public
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Response
  • Controversies in Medical Health Physics
  • Refresher Courses
    • Early career
    • Professional
  • IRPA 2024 Teaser

Awards to be presented:

  • Young Scientist
  • Senior Scientist

Executive Committee
Nolan Hertel, HPS, Congress President
Scott Schwahn, AAHP, President
Ed Waller, CRPA, Congress Vice President
John Cardarelli, HPS
Eric Goldin, HPS
Matt McFee, HPS
Shaheen Dewji, HPS, American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Irina Popova, ANS
Kathy Held, NCRP
Richards Harr, Mexican Radiological Protection Society
Hector R. Vega-Carrillo, Mexican Society of Irradiation and Dosimetry
Whitney Coulor, Suriname Ministry of Health

Organizing Committee
Mike Mahathy, HPS, Chair
Kendall Berry, HPS, Vice Chair
Latha Vasudevan, HPS
Hannah Graham, Canadian Radiation Protection Association
Jan Braun, HPS
Teodoro Rivera, Mexico
Liz Brackett, HPS
Andy Miller, HPS
Rachel Pope, HPS
Charles Wilson, HPS

Program Committee
Chris Shaw, HPS Program Committee Chair

Burk and Associates

Union Station St. Louis
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