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2014 Dade Moeller Scholarship Awards

In honor of Dade W. Moeller there will be not less than two Dade Moeller and one Dade Moeller Kelly Austin scholarship Awards given to individuals who are enrolled as a student in a bachelors, masters or doctoral program in health physics or related nuclear or environmental sciences at an accredited college or university. The awards will provide monetary support for the student's education and for the student to attend the annual meeting of the Health Physics Society where the student is expected to present a paper or poster in the technical program, as well as to attend the Awards Banquet at the meeting.

Nominations may be submitted online by:

  • Academic program directors, and
  • Student faculty advisors.

If the academic program director or faculty advisor is not a member of the Society, a plenary member of the Society shall sponsor the nomination.

Each nomination shall include:

  1. a short biographical resume of the student,
  2. description of the proposed academic program,
  3. information supporting the nomination of the individual. Reports, papers and letters of reference may be submitted as supporting material for the individual's nomination.

Each Award shall consist of the following:

  • Monetary support of $2,000.00 during one academic year to the recipient for educational expenses
  • Nominal monetary support to the recipient to support attendance at the annual meeting of the Society to cover travel, lodging, meals, incidentals and other reasonable, normal and routine expenses
  • Complementary registration at the meeting
  • Complementary tickets to the Society's Awards Ceremony

Submittal and all supporting materials must be submitted no later than 25 April 2014. Award winners will be notified by 15 May 2014.

Note: Only US students are eligible for these scholarships.

Click here to access the Dade Moeller Scholarship Award application form.

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