In Memoriam: Victor Anderson


by Barbara L. Hamrick, CHP, and Robert Greger, CHP

Victor Anderson, CHP, died 31 March 2013 in his sleep. Born on 12 April 1945 in Bend, Oregon, he was a resident of Elk Grove, California, since 1986. He was a retired health physicist and a judo sensei and referee.

Victor started his career in health physics in the Army reactor program. Upon the completion of his Army career, he spent 10 years traveling the U.S. commercial reactor circuit as a contracted health physics technologist, concluding his reactor career as a Rancho Seco nuclear power plant employee. He followed that up with a short stint with the California radiation control program, followed by 10 years as the University of California-Davis Medical Center radiation safety officer before returning to the California radiation control program, from which he retired in 2011. Along the way he completed American Board of Health Physics (both reactor specialist and comprehensive) and National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists certifications.

Everyone who worked with Victor quickly recognized he had a passion for health physics. He loved working through seemingly intractable problems and was always ready with solutions to the small problems as well. During his tenure with the California radiation control program, his door was always open, and he was always ready and willing to share his knowledge and experience. He was quick to give praise, but not afraid to "tell it like it is" when he felt it was necessary. His passing is a loss for the health physics community.

Victor is survived by his wife Lois, six children, five grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.