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14 September 2021
September 2021 CHP Corner

Dan Sowers, CHP Corner Editor

The September 2021 issue of the CHP Corner has been posted to the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) website. This edition has a great recap of our July meeting from AAHP President Scott Schwahn, and we celebrate Dave and Tara Medich as our CHPs in the Spotlight. There's also a reminder to complete the annual salary survey and to submit your abstract by 15 October for the 2022 IRPA North American Regional Congress. Check it out today!

14 September 2021
Five Weeks Until ICRP's Digital Workshop: Future of Radiological Protection

The "Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit for Purpose" paper received over 1,000 downloads in the first week it was available. Now, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) is accepting abstracts for its digital workshop taking place 19–20 October 2021. To access the paper, register, and learn more about abstract submissions, please visit the ICRP Future of Radiological Protection website.

8 September 2021
Karam Writes for American Council on Science and Health
8 September 2021
Monthly Virtual Meeting: Greater New York Chapter

The Greater New York Chapter announces a standing monthly virtual meeting to be held the second Tuesday of every month 12:00 noon–1:00 pm EST.

Ginny's Chips Rad Cafe is a lunchtime learning meeting with a presentation on a chosen health physics topics followed by a discussion. Meetings are hosted by the Greater New York Chapter via Zoom, and meetings will be recorded.

Contact Brian Quinn to be put on the announcement list. The next meeting is Tuesday 12 October.

8 September 2021
IRPA 16 Update

Kevin Nelson, IRPA Vice President for Congress Affairs, International Congress Organizing Committee Chair, HPS President Emeritus

Planning is well underway for IRPA 16 to be held in Orlando, 7–12 July 2024. The conference hotel is the Rosen Shingle Creek located very close to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. We hope many HPS members can attend.

Why should I attend?

Think of IRPA 16 as the Olympics for radiation protection professionals. The IRPA International Congress is held every four years with a formal bidding process that takes place among competing IRPA Associate Societies. This will be the first time in 51 years that an IRPA International Congress has been held in the United States. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to hear scientific discussions from colleagues from around the world who face similar challenges and who may have discovered some creative solutions to these challenges. It is also an opportunity to make new friends. This is a unique opportunity.

Can I afford to attend?

We understand that the registration costs are certainly a factor when attending scientific meetings. The proposed registration cost for IRPA 16 is $650. Lower fees are also established for students. In comparison, the registration fee for IRPA 15 was $1,000 and for IRPA 14, slightly less than $1,000. Also, this is only slightly more than what you might expect to pay to attend an HPS annual meeting. This registration fee structure, along with a very attractive lodging rate, has been established to encourage participation.

What are the hotel costs?

The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel and Convention Center has been rated four diamonds by AAA. The convention center is physically attached to the hotel. No need to worry about the weather. Again, to encourage attendance, a contract has been signed with the hotel that establishes a rate of $159/day (plus applicable taxes).

What topical areas will be discussed at IRPA 16?

The topical areas and special sessions typically offered at an annual HPS meeting will be available at IRPA 16. The integrated scientific and technical program will include oral presentations and posters from around the world while still allowing room for the special events that HPS members expect from our annual meeting.

More information is available on the IRPA 16 website.

I hope to see you in Orlando in 2024!

8 September 2021
IRPA 2022 Call for PEP/CEL Abstracts

Mike Mahathy, Organizing Committee Chair

This coming February, the Health Physics Society (HPS) joins with the American Academy of Health Physics, American Association of Physicists in Medicine, American Nuclear Society, Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Canadian Radiation Protection Association, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, and Mexican Society of Irradiation and Dosimetry to host the first ever North American Regional Congress for the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). This meeting will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, 20–24 February 2022, and will be HYBRID, that is, a mix between in-person and virtual participation.

We are calling on you to present a Professional Education Program course (PEP) or Continuing Education Lecture (CEL) at this historic meeting as part of the HPS continuing education program. PEP courses include two hours of instruction on topics of current interest to a practicing health physicist while CEL lectures include one hour of seminar covering a wide variety of professional topics of interest to health physicists.

Abstracts can be submitted using this link. Instructors will have the option of presenting live in person or live virtually; please select "PEP/CEL" in the TOPIC pulldown menu. PEPs will be presented on Sunday, 20 February, while CELs will be given in the mornings on 21–23 February before meeting sessions begin. Some CELs may be selected to be given as high visibility refresher courses to be held during the meeting on 21, 22, or 23 February.

Course materials should be pertinent to the current practice in the wide field of radiation safety and protection, medical health physics, or research. Please note the deadline for submission is 15 OCTOBER 2021. This deadline is needed to allow time for abstracts to be reviewed for continuing education credits by granting organizations. If you have questions or prefer to email your abstract, please contact Mike Mahathy.

An accepted course abstract is a commitment to present the course. Instructors of PEP and CEL courses will be remunerated per HPS policy. The Continuing Education Committee looks forward to seeing your course abstract.

1 September 2021
Activities at the 66th HPS Annual Meeting

The 66th Health Physics Society Annual Meeting was held in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting began with two days of virtual content on 20 and 22 July 2021 and continued both in person and virtually 25–29 July. We will be posting photos from the meeting over the next several weeks.

Ali Simpkins gives the Treasurer's Report at the Business Meeting
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


Awards Luncheon
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


Elda Anderson Breakfast
Front row, left right, Charles Wilson, Nicole Martinez, Emily Caffrey, Kimberlee Kearfott, Glenn Sturchio. Back row, left to right, Jason Harris, Derek Jokisch, Ali Simpkins, John Till, Darrell Fisher, Scott Schwahn
Photo courtesy of Charles Wilson


This year's HPS raffle winner, Joe Guido, works for MJW Technical Services on the NIOSH dose reconstruction project. He was excited to be the second University of Florida graduate to win the HPS raffle. Winning the raffle allowed Joe the opportunity to fly out to California to join a friend on a cross country road trip. Here is a photo of Joe from Bryce Canyon—he's enjoying the trip!
Submitted photo


Burk and Associates, Inc., always at the ready
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


A sign of the times—holding a meeting during a global pandemic
Photo courtesy of Gary Benda


1 September 2021
September Short Course Listing

The September short course offerings have been posted on the Short Courses page of the HPS website. Information on the following courses is available:

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Training—Kentek Corporation

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) School and Refresher Class—RSO Services, Inc.

1 September 2021
Upcoming HPS Meetings

Add the dates of the following Health Physics Society meetings to your calendar. Check the Meetings and Conferences page of the website for the most current information.

2022 IRPA North American Regional Conference
20–24 February 2022, St. Louis, MO

67th Annual Meeting - 2022
16–21 July 2022, Spokane, WA

68th Annual Meeting - 2023
23–27 July 2023, Gaylord National Harbor

2024 IRPA 16th International Congress
7–11 July 2024, Rosen Shingle Creek, FL

71st Annual Meeting - 2026
5–9 July 2026, Gaylord National Harbor

First Annual Workshop - 2021 - A Fresh Perspective
Videos of PEPs are available to those who registered.

2020 HPS Virtual Workshop
Ongoing—videos of sessions and PEPs are available with a registration fee.

31 August 2021
2021 HPS Awards: 66th HPS Annual Meeting

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 Health Physics Society (HPS) awards. Information on HPS awards can be found on the Awards page, Fellowships page, and Scholarships page of the HPS website.

Steve Simon – Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hamrick


Patricia Milligan – Distinguished Public Service Award
Submitted photo


Bob Cherry – Founders Award
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hamrick


Matt Mille – Elda E. Anderson Award
Submitted photo


John Crapo (left) and Danny McClung – Fellow Award
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


Brooke Buddemeier – Fellow Award
Submitted photo


Nora Nicholson – Fellow Award
Submitted photo


Mike Noska – Fellow Award
Submitted photo


Alan Jackson – Fellow Award
Submitted photo


John Till – G. William Morgan Lectureship Award
Photo courtesy of Barbara Hamrick


Choonsik Lee – Dade Moeller Lectureship Award
Submitted photo


Chris Passmore – Robert S. Landauer, Sr., Lectureship Award
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


31 August 2021
Plenary Speakers: 66th HPS Annual Meeting

The 66th Health Physics Society Annual Meeting was held in person and virtually in Phoenix, Arizona, in July 2021. The following speakers presented talks at the plenary session on Monday, 26 July.

Eric Goldin, Welcoming comments
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


Chris Passmore, Robert S. Landauer, Sr., Lecturer – "Hp(3) Comes Into Focus: Views From a Health Physicist"
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


John Till, G. William Morgan Lecturer – "50 Years of Risk Assessment 1971–2021"
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


Choonsik Lee, Dade Moeller Lecturer – "Computational Dosimetry Methods and Tools for Patients Undergoing Computed Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, and Fluoroscopy Procedures"
Submitted photo


Peter Johnston – "The International Basic Safety Standards"
Submitted photo


Joe Shonka – "Radiation-Induced Cancers, a Potential Liability of US Air Carriers"
Photo courtesy of Craig Little


31 August 2021
From the President: HPS Remains Engaged Nationally and Internationally

John Cardarelli, HPS President, 2021–2023

We recently completed our annual meeting and many of you watched my first episode of "65 Seconds With 65" that summarized our success! For those who haven't seen it, I'm the 65th president of the Health Physics Society (HPS) and these short video messages share news with members in a new format. They also provide an opportunity to focus on a specific message and can be posted at any time. Look for more and please share your ideas if there is a topic you would like to hear about.

Since our annual meeting, we continue to be engaged in several activities. Recently, the National Academies of Science (NAS) appointed a provisional committee to develop a long-term strategy for low-dose radiation research, which includes two HPS members. Our society has been asked to provide information about health physics academic programs throughout the country, number of health physics students, and associated trends. If you have information that can support this request, please let me know as we are working on this through September. The NAS hopes to complete its report by next April, and you can expect to see it presented at our annual meeting in Spokane.

We are excited to be hosting the first-ever International Radiation Protection Association North American Congress in the United States in February 2022 (HPS/IRPA 2022)—the subject of my second episode of "65 Seconds With 65."

We are also preparing for IRPA 16 in 2024 and have just appointed two HPS members to serve on a new IRPA task group that will develop radiation protection recommendations to the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). The ICRP is currently reviewing and revising the System of Radiological Protection leading to new General Recommendations that will supersede ICRP Publication 103. This is a great opportunity for the HPS to help shape the future of radiation protection on a world stage.

Finally, as your president my three initiatives are to (1) emphasize our pro-science platform, (2) increase membership, and (3) focus on our Strategic Plan. Please encourage your colleagues to join the HPS and also let them know about the many benefits of membership. Now is a great time to join the HPS, the home for radiation protection professionals. I'm looking forward to serving you over the next two years.

31 August 2021
65 Seconds With 65: IRPA North American Regional Congress

February plans, anyone? In this second installment of "65 Seconds With 65," HPS President John Cardarelli invites all radiation protection professionals to attend the first-ever North American Regional Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association. This meeting is being held in the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Missouri, 20–24 February 2022. Watch the short video (it's only 65 seconds) for more info!

24 August 2021
Registration Open: Future of Radiological Protection Workshop

On 19–20 October 2021, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) invites the RP world to join in shaping the next generation of radiological protection. Those with interests in radiation-related policy, practice, guidelines, and regulations are encouraged to visit the visit the event website to learn more, register, and submit abstracts.

24 August 2021
Wanted: Leadership for ANSI N43-15 Panel

Volunteers are being sought for leadership on the ANSI N43-15 Panel: Safe Design and Use of Self-Contained, Wet Source Storage Gamma Irradiators (Category III). If you have interest/experience, send an email to

24 August 2021
2022 North American Regional Congress

Call for Abstracts

FINAL DEADLINE 15 October 2021

The first-ever North American Regional Congress for the International Radiation Protection Association (HPS/IRPA 2022) will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, 20–24 February 2022. This meeting will be FULLY HYBRID and is being hosted by the Health Physics Society (HPS), the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP), the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the American Nuclear Society (ANS), the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA), the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), and the Mexican Society of Irradiation and Dosimetry (SMID).

You are invited to give a talk or share a poster! And you can request to publish a manuscript with your presentations. Regardless of your plans, you can be part of this congress because authors can present in many ways:

  • Live in person
  • Live virtually
  • Pre-recorded
  • Poster in person
  • Poster virtually

Please submit your abstract by 15 October 2021. There will be no extensions of this deadline, but if you need a little more time, reserve a slot by contacting the task force chair with your subject and topic.

The program committee is looking for authors for the following topics:

  • Scientific Basis of Health Physics: Biological effects of radiation, Epidemiology of radiation exposure
  • Characterization of Radiation Exposures: External dosimetry, Internal dosimetry, Environmental and wildlife dosimetry, Instrumentation and measurements, Nonionizing radiation/5G
  • Applied Health Physics: Nuclear facilities, Medical health physics, Veterinary health physics, Military health physics, Environmental health physics, Natural radioactivity, Space radiation, Disasters in health physics
  • Regulations and Communications: Regulatory issues, Communications with the public
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Response
  • Reasonableness in Health Physics
  • Health Physicists' Response to a Pandemic
  • Controversies in medical health physics

A submitted abstract or reservation with the task force chair is a commitment to present—cancellations should be avoided. All presenters must register and pay for the meeting by 15 January 2022 to be included in the final program. If extenuating circumstances prevent the presenting author from making the presentation, it is the author's responsibility to find an alternate presenter. Presenters who submit more than one oral abstract and cancel should find alternate presenters; otherwise, you may be limited to one abstract for future meetings.

For more information about the meeting please visit the HPS/IRPA 2022 meeting microsite.

24 August 2021
In Memoriam: Keith Schiager

Health Physics Society (HPS) member Keith Schiager passed away 3 March 2021. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

13 August 2021
Homeland Security Emergency Response Section: 66th HPS Annual Meeting

Adela Salame-Alfie, PhD, FHPS, is the recipient of the Homeland Security Emergency Response Section 2021 Service Award.


13 August 2021
Military Health Physics Section: 66th HPS Annual Meeting

Ken Groves, FHPS

The Military Health Physics Section (MHPS) held its annual business meeting on Wednesday, 28 July 2021, at the Health Physics Society (HPS) meeting in Phoenix this year. The section took this opportunity to honor both the 2020 and 2021 section awardees.

MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2020 "John C. Taschner Leadership Award" to MSG Danny McClung, USA (Ret.). Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2020 "Civilian Superior Service Award" to William "Bill" Harris, US Army civilian. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2020 "Young Military Health Physicist of the Year Award" to CAPT Greg Fairchild, MSC, USN, on behalf of LT Jeffrey S. Caudill, Medical Service Corps, US Navy, who was unable to attend in person. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2021 "John C. Taschner Leadership Award" to CAPT Paul Blake, MSC, USN (Ret.) on behalf of Mrs. Lisa Cassata, wife of the late CDR James Cassata, MSC, USN (Ret.) the 2021 Taschner Awardee. This award is sadly presented posthumously. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2021 "Civilian Superior Service Award" to Gerald "Jerry" Falo, US Army civilian. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


MHPS President LTC Alan Hale, USAF, left, presenting the MHPS 2021 "Young Military Health Physicist of the Year Award" to MAJ Nadia Halim, USAF, BSC. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


Incoming MHPS President COL Ricardo Reyes, MSC, USA, announcing the establishment of the "Commander James Cassata, MSC, USN (Ret.) Memorial Lecture and Honorarium." Beginning in 2022, the Cassata Memorial Lecturer will be a speaker in the HPS plenary session. The person chosen for this memorial lecture will speak on a subject honoring members of the Uniformed Services of the United States (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Space Force, and US Public Health Service). COL Reyes also introduced new MHPS President-elect CAPT Greg Fairchild, MSC, USN, and thanked LTC Alan Hale, USAF, for his service to the section as the outgoing president. Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


RADM John Till, USNR (Ret.) took the opportunity to speak to members of the MHPS on their dedication and service to this nation and well as to the HPS. He noted that, this year, HPS President CAPT John Cardarelli, USPHS (Ret.); HPS Board member LTC Jama Vanhorne-Sealy, MSC, USA; and this year's HPS Founder's Awardee, COL Robert Cherry, MSC, USA (Ret.), are all members of the Military Health Physics Section! Photo courtesy of Ken Groves


13 August 2021
NRC Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes: Call for Nominations

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is soliciting nominations for the position of radiation safety officer on the Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI). Nominees should currently be functioning as a radiation safety officer. Nominations are due on or before 4 October 2021.

For further information, contact Ms. Kellee Jamerson, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards by phone (301-415-7408) or email or see the notice in the Federal Register.

13 August 2021
2021 HPS Board of Directors: 66th HPS Annual Meeting

Left to right, Director Latha Vasudevan, Past Director Jan Braun, Director Mike Boyd, Director Jama VanHorne-Sealy, Treasurer Ali Simpkins, Secretary Nicole Martinez, Past President Eric Goldin, Treasurer-elect Kendall Berry, Director Tim Taulbee, Past Director Mike Mahathy, President John Cardarelli. Not pictured: Executive Director Brett Burk, Director Kathryn Higley, Director Adela Salame-Alfie. Photo courtesy of Craig Little

13 August 2021
Benke, Fordham, and Wang on EPA SAB

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael S. Regan has announced his selections for membership of the Science Advisory Board (SAB). The committee will be comprised of 22 women and 25 men, including 16 people of color, making it the most diverse SAB since the committee was established. The Administrator's selections are well-qualified experts with a cross-section of scientific disciplines and experience needed to provide advice to EPA leadership to help advance the agency's mission.

Three Health Physics Society members are on the SAB: Roland Benke, Earl Fordham, and Wei-Hsung Wang.

"This highly qualified, diverse group of experts will ensure that EPA is receiving sound science-based advice to inform our work to protect people and the environment from pollution," said Regan. "We worked expeditiously and deliberately to finalize the new Science Advisory Board, and now we can move forward knowing EPA's work is guided by the most credible, independent expertise."

More information can be found in an EPA press release.

11 August 2021
NRC Commissioner Openings

Following the departure of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chair Kristine Svinicki earlier this year, Commissioner Annie Caputo announced her resignation, effective 30 June 2021. That leaves the commission with three members: Chair Christopher T. Hanson, Jeff Baran, and David A. Wright. Due to the commission's rules regarding party equity, one of the vacancies is designated as a Democratic seat and the other as Republican. The Health Physics Society (HPS) would like to support potential candidates for these two positions. If you or any of your HPS colleagues have interest in exploring the possibility of being appointed the commission by President Joe Biden and working in beautiful White Flint (Rockville), Maryland, please contact HPS Congressional Liaison David Connolly or HPS Federal Agency Liaison Craig Little. Expressing interest is the first step in what is a complex and, sometimes, byzantine process, but don't let that dissuade you.

11 August 2021
ICRP Accepting Abstracts for Future of RP Workshop

The "Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit for Purpose" paper received over 1,000 downloads in the first week it was available. Now, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) is accepting abstracts for its digital workshop taking place 19–20 October 2021. To access the paper, register, and learn more about abstract submissions, please visit the ICRP Future of Radiological Protection website.

11 August 2021
Student Profile: Suman Shrestha

Deepesh Poudel, PhD, CHP, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Suman Shrestha, in the George and Cynthia Mitchell Basic Sciences Research Building, the home for The MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston.
Photo courtesy of Tracey Barnett


Continuing our efforts to recognize outstanding students and graduates in health physics, we present Suman Shrestha, who graduated in 2018 with a master’s degree in the Medical and Health Physics Program at Louisiana State University (LSU). He is the 2021 Robert S. Landauer Sr. Fellow of the Health Physics Society (HPS) and doctoral research fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UT Health Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, USA.

Suman is pursuing his PhD in the Late-Effects Research Laboratory at MD Anderson Cancer Center, led by Prof. Dr. Rebecca M. Howell. The primary focus of this research group is radiation therapy-related late effects and quantifying relationships between radiation to specific organs and late effects in childhood cancer survivors. Such dose-response relationships can be used to establish dose limits for contemporary treatment planning to minimize risk in future survivors as well as inform surveillance practices for at-risk childhood cancer survivors. Suman serves as the co-investigator on multiple research projects supported by Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS). The focus of his PhD research is on developing models to predict the risk of radiation therapy-related late cardiovascular disease to prospectively optimize contemporary radiation therapy and reduce the risk of late cardiovascular disease.

Suman's recent publication outlined a generalized framework for developing Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) image-based organ models with substructure definition for late-effects studies. Specifically, they have developed and validated the very first CT-anatomy-based age-scalable cardiac model with substructures for late-effects research. His research lab has successfully reconstructed doses for about 13,000 survivors in the CCSS Cohort, who received radiation therapy using this new cardiac model. They are currently evaluating the relationship between cardiac substructure radiation dose and the risk of late cardiac toxicities. Suman is about to begin the third phase of his PhD work focused on developing and validating new risk score algorithms to prospectively predict the risk of cardiovascular disease. He anticipates completing his doctoral studies by the summer of next year and plans to start a combined post-doctoral fellowship and medical physics residency in the summer of 2022.

Prior to starting his education and training at LSU in 2015, Suman graduated with an MS in physics from the Central Department of Physics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and served as faculty of physics in the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), Nepal. At LSU, he trained with senior professors like Drs. Wayne D. Newhauser, Kenneth P. Matthews, and Wei-Hsung Wang and developed a physics-based generalized analytical algorithm to predict out-of-field stray radiation from neutrons emitted during proton therapy treatments.

Suman has received recognition from different medical associations for his work in the form of fellowships and awards. His recent honors include the prestigious CCSS Career Development Award from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Expanding Horizons Award from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), Marilyn and Fredreick R. Lummis Jr. MD Fellowship, Sylvan Rodriguez Foundation Scholarship from UT Health, NCI-sponsored Fellowship from the National Cancer Institute, Best Radiation Physics Paper award from MD Anderson, Robert S. Landauer Sr. Fellowship from the HPS, and, most recently, 2021 ACR Medical Physics Graduate Scholarship from the American College of Radiology. He has also received multiple additional travel awards to present his research on the national and international stage and has won multiple oral and poster competitions.

Suman is actively involved in national and international organizations in different capacities. Importantly, he serves as the current chair of Working Group on Student and Trainee Research (WGSTR) in the AAPM and Working Group on Communications (WGC) in International Society of Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry (ISoRED).

Suman gives credit to his mentors for his success thus far. He is thankful for the mentorship, guidance, and training opportunities provided by all the distinguished mentors throughout his career. A physicist by training, Suman aims to become an independent researcher, licensed medical physicist, and tenured professor. Later in his career, he plans to contribute to healthcare reform in developing countries and is committed to producing the next generation of physicists and pediatric health scientists.

11 August 2021
Public Information Committee

Dan Sowers, Committee Chair

With great shoes to fill, Dan Sowers has relieved Emily Caffrey as the chair of the Public Information Committee (PIC), following several years as a member. Emily's contributions to the PIC and therefore the profession of health physics are numerous and influential, including fact sheet updates; integration of our social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube into a regular hub for posting of public information; and production of several videos. Emily, you've done a fantastic job as chair and on behalf of our Society I thank you for your service!

Dan will be assisted in this role by the motivated and competent team of Candace Krout (deputy chair), Sara Dumit, Deirdre Elder, Samantha Lockerby, Bryan Lemieux, Ran Meng, Steve Sugarman, Rachel Nichols, and Katharine McLellan, with Tim Taulbee as Board liaison, Craig Little as ex-officio (outreach editor), Barbara Hamrick as ex-officio (web editor in chief), and Emily as ex-officio (Ask the Experts editor). Please follow the HPS on social media!

Any suggestions for content or general comments can be directed to Dan or Candace.

11 August 2021
Time to Plan for St. Louis

Mike Mahathy, Organizing Committee Chair

The Health Physics Society (HPS) annual meeting in Phoenix meeting was a success! Now it is time for you to start thinking about the inaugural International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) North American Regional Congress. The Executive Committee chaired by Nolan Hertel has approved the list of topics.

The HPS Program Committee will issue a call for abstracts in the next few days. Please consider being a part of this momentous meeting, to be held February 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri. The meeting will be offered in hybrid format much like the Phoenix meeting. More information can be found on the meeting page.

11 August 2021
President John Cardarelli Video Message

Stop scrolling, folks! Introducing the first ever "65 Seconds With 65" video! A week into his tenure as the 65th president of the Health Physics Society (The Home for Radiation Protection Professionals), John Cardarelli—gold medal winner of the 2021 HPS Pickleball Olympics—has launched his inaugural 65 Seconds With 65 video. You have to see this … it's 65 seconds well spent.

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