Mentoring Task Force

The task force will provide a set of approaches to expand and make the HPS mentor program more successful and relevant to student, early/switching career members.  Among the items to consider are:

  • Review the existing HPS mentoring program and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing program.
  • Investigate successful mentoring programs of other professional societies to provide input to the task force decision making process.
  • Provide a white paper with suggestions for the mentoring program with an emphasis on increasing the value and participation in the mentoring program.

The Mentoring Task Force reports to the Chair of the Membership Committee.

Current Members

Director: Jama Vanhorne-Sealy, '21
Chair: Deepesh Poudel, '21
Glen Granberry - Committee Member, '21
Jack (John) Kuchta - Committee Member, '21
Charles “Gus” Potter - Committee Member, '21
Deepesh Poudel - Committee Member, '21
Jason Rusch - Committee Member, '21