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. HPS Respectful Behavior Policy
. Licensure and Health Physics
. Program for Midyear Meeting Available
. DHS RDD Planning Document Available
. 2018 HPS Annual Meeting Call for Papers
. Vote on Bylaws Change Regarding Sections
. IRPA Bulletin 16 Available
. Newly Elected Officers and Board Members
. January Journal
. January ORS
PDF January Newsletter
. Chapter Visits by President-Elect Hertel
. Updated Position Statement on Low-Level Waste
. DOE Early Career Research Program
. Plenary Session for the HPS Midyear Meeting
. Call for Abstracts for 2018 HPS Annual Meeting
. Medical Consequences of a Nuclear Strike
. Register for the Midyear Meeting in Denver
. Student Fellowships, Travel Grants, and Scholarships
. Cleveland Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts
. Fukushima Fuel Found Using Robots
. Meeting on International Systems of Radiation Protection
. Null Hypothesis Rejected
. National Radiation Protection Professionals Week
. Hotel Rates for Midyear Lowered
. IRPA Bulletin 15 Posted
. Update on National Academies Surplus Plutonium Disposal Study
. IRPA Response to ICRP/ICRU Draft Report
. Woloschak Testifies at Low-Dose Radiation Research Hearing
. Midyear Meeting Registration Open
. McCarthy Receives MIT Excellence Award
. New NCRP Reports Benefit
. Sievert Award Nominees Sought
Upcoming Events
. Annual NCRP Meeting
Radiation Responsibility in Medical Imaging
5-6 Mar 2018
Bethesda, MD
. Annual CIRMS Meeting
Radiation Technologies for the Future
16-18 Apr 2018
Gaithersburg, MD
16-20 Apr 2018
Havana, Cuba
. CRPA Annual Conference
Human Factors and Safety Culture
30 Apr - 3 May 2018
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
. Conference on Normal Tissue Radiation Effects and Countermeasures
14-17 May 2018
Morrilton, AR
. Sixth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2018)
18-22 Jun 2018
Ohrid, Macedonia
. Joint Conference on Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards
30 Sep-3 Oct 2018
Pasco, WA
. IRPA15
Bridging RP Culture and Science - Widening Public Empathy
11-15 May 2020
Seoul, Korea
. IRPA16
Radiation Harmonization - Standing United for Protection
6-12 Jul 2024
Orlando, FL
. IAEA International Symposium on Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies to the Public
Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies Symposium 2018
1-5 Oct 2018
Vienna, Austria
. IAEA Nuclear Safety & Security Meetings
. Worldwide Radiation Protection Meetings
. NRC Meeting Webcasts
23 January 2018

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