Trouble Logging Into Members Only?

Don't Know Your UserID?

Your UserID is your HPS membership number. It can be found on any mailing from the HPS at the top of the mailing label. If you don't have any recent mailings with the label, you can request your number from the Society Operations Editor.

Don't Know Your Password?

If you don't know your password, on the left navigation column point to "Members Only" and click on "Forgot My Password" in the drop-down menu that appears.

Enter your last name and your user HPS member number. Your email will be sent to the last email address we have for you. If you have married and changed your name since joining the HPS, enter the last name you had when you joined or last updated your membership.

If you have changed email addresses, contact the webmaster and request a password change. Remember to include your HPS ID with your request!