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Alanta Chapter Logo The Health Physics Society (HPS) is committed to supporting its chapters with information and with services where they are needed and where the Society has the resources to do so. On this page we have tried to provide links to the information chapter officers and members can use to more effectively organize and operate their chapter.

Some of the links are only accessible to HPS members, even though the only requirement is that the chapter president and president-elect be members of the Society. The links that are only accessible to HPS members are necessary to protect information and services that are provided as a benefit to HPS membership or to minimize personal information that is posted in the public access area.

Why is this chapter logo here? We will change the logo appearing on this page on a regular basis. Watch for your chapter's logo to appear here in the future. 

If you do not see a link to information that you are looking for regarding chapter operations, please click here to contact the Society Support Committee via email and give us your request or comments.

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How To:

The following documents are under construction:

  • Get a speaker
  • Apply for CHP credits for a meeting
  • Do electronic balloting
  • Incorporate
  • Obtain tax-exempt status