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How can I find someone to provide health physics services or to help me with a radiation safety issue?


Here are a few suggestions on how to locate a health physics consultant. 

  1. Every state has a radiation control agency responsible for radiation safety within the state.  Some states require consultants offering radiation safety services to register with the state, in which case the state will have a listing of registered consultants. Even if a state does not require registration, the state radiation control agency is likely to have a list or suggested sources of individuals and companies that offer health physics services and consulting. In addition, you may find that the help you need is offered as a service to you by your state agency.

    The state radiation control agencies all belong to the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD). You can find the contact information for your state radiation control agency on the CRCPD website. There is a link in the left-hand column of its home page to Radiation Control Programs.
  2. Many affiliate members of the Health Physics Society (HPS) offer health physics consulting services. The HPS offers a "Buyers Guide of Services" on our website. You can link to the web pages or you can contact affiliate members listed under the categories of "Health Physics Consultation" and "Radiation Protection Services."
  3. The American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) operates under the auspices of the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP). The ABHP and AAHP are complete separate and independent organizations from the HPS, with the responsibility of certifying health physicists as a certified health physicists (CHP) if they pass certain experience and knowledge criteria. Many CHPs do consulting. On the AAHP website, if you click on the link to the AAHP Membership, you will be asked to enter your name and agree to the terms of using the membership list and then you will be taken to the membership title page. On the left side there is a link to plenary members (Active CHPs) listed by city/state. There you can see a listing of CHPs in your state, listed by city. CHPs who do consulting are indicated by an "*" next to their name. Their name is linked to their email address so you can email CHPs who do consulting to see if they would be interested in helping you.

    Keith Dinger, CHP
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