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Do you have any referrals for radiation experts in the San Francisco Bay Area for a small, fee-based consulting project? I have an idea of what we need, but I would greatly appreciate professional guidance. While our company is based in San Francisco, our skincare products are manufactured about 150 kilometers (km) from Fukushima, Japan. Our manufacturer has been testing radiation levels to certify each shipment before it leaves the factory in Japan (recent on-site readings were 0.06 microsieverts per hour [µSv h-1]). We would like to have an additional check of radiation levels when we receive shipments in the United States and to have our public relations messages reviewed by a radiation expert.


Thank you for using the Ask the Experts (ATE) services provided by the Health Physics Society (HPS). In the past we have addressed similar questions regarding where to find expert consultants. Thus I will point you to the previous questions and answers. Please refer to Q7394 and Q11570 on the ATE pages of the HPS website. Those responses should address your needs.

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