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Pregnant Workers
Q641   –   Should a pregnant radiographer stand out during fluoroscopy?
Q1149   –   Pregnant operating room nurse
Q2736   –   Pregnant cardiologist
Q4115   –   Pregnant operating room staff
Q6116   –   Caretaker of radioactive patient
Q6118   –   Surgeon doing fluoroscopy and using technetium
Q2674   –   Cardiac lab
Q7517   –   Janitor working in labs with radioactive materials
Q8093   –   Radiation use on humans prohibited for training
Q8522   –   Monitoring sulphur-35
Q8534   –   Limitations of Varskin 3
Q9532   –   Radioactive sources in oil rig industry
Q9547   –   Regulations for badging employees in a dental practice
Q9608   –   ICU nurse exposure to bone-scan patient
Q10031   –   Safe dose
Q10251   –   Veterinary nurse
Q10451   –   Bystander effect of radiation worker
Q10496   –   Exposing minors
Q10572   –   Two TLD badges
Q10885   –   Contamination from nuclear plant worker
Q10899   –   Lead apron at veterinary clinic
Q11419   –   Nonlead aprons
Q11588   –   Radiation worker exposure without protective equipment
Q11758   –   When should workers be given instructions regarding working in the vicinity of radiation sources?
Q12010   –   ANSI/HPS N13.12-2013 applicability to workers
Q12088   –   Dosimeter correction factor when wearing lead protection
Q12114   –   Estimating effective dose from badges
Q12554   –   X-ray diffraction units and cancer
Q12680   –   Vendor is reporting beta dose for CVL/x-ray technologist

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