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ConRad 2017

Brant A. Ulsh, CHP, PhD, Health Physics Editor in Chief

We are pleased to present the proceedings of the 2017 Global Conference on Radiation Topics, Preparedness, Response, Protection and Research (ConRad 2017) in the July issue of Health Physics. As reported by Dr. Mathias Port, the guest editor for this special issue, the ConRad conference was held in Munich and was attended by over 260 experts from 32 countries. In this very large special issue, you will find everything from the latest advances in biomarkers and the biological effects of radiation exposure to medical management of radiological injuries and epidemiology on long-term radiation effects. I would like to offer my special thanks to Dr. Port for organizing such a fascinating and comprehensive special issue and to Deanna Baker and Linnea Wahl of the Journal's editorial staff for shepherding this challenging issue through the review and publication process.