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Compliance Is Appreciated

Brant A. Ulsh, CHP, PhD, Health Physics Editor in Chief

Readers involved in regulatory compliance in the medical arena won't want to miss the September issue of Health Physics. In his article "Compliance With Radiation Protection Practices Among Radiologists," Dr. Mostafa A. Abdelrahman and colleagues find that while most radiologists performing fluoroscopy used dosimeters, only two-thirds always reduced the number of unnecessary exposures, only half always considered reducing the time of exposure and avoided exposure by the primary beam, and almost none used leaded eyewear. Clearly, we have work to do to convince our radiologist colleagues to embrace these dose-reduction tools.

In an encouraging example of a regulator responding to input from the regulated community, Michael Sheetz and colleagues describe changes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has made to its guidance on the use of radioactive seed localization for cancer treatment. In the article "Compliance With the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Revised Licensing Guidance for Radioactive Seed Localization," the authors offer practical recommendations for compliance with this new guidance.

Be sure to check out the September issue of Health Physics for these and 10 other interesting articles.