Industrial Radioactive Source Security at 3M Facilities


J. T. Flora, F. B. Entwistle, D. J. McGrane


The 3M Company utilizes industrial radioactive sources at numerous manufacturing facilities for product thickness and density measurement, fill level detection, static elimination, and static measurement. Both administrative and physical control measures are implemented to reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized use of these industrial radioactive sources. Administrative controls govern the licensing, acquisition, use, and disposal of these industrial gauges. The key to the success of the administrative controls is the partnership between the facility radiation safety officer (RSO) and the corporate health physics staff group. Radiation safety officers are required to attend a rigorous two-day training course provided by 3M Corporate Health Physics. Physical controls create a barrier to deter the improper use or relocation of an industrial radioactive source. These include access control mechanisms, storage safeguards, and radioactive source disposal of unwanted industrial gauges. Administrative and physical controls developed by 3M Corporate Health Physics and implemented by the facility RSO have proven to be successful in controlling radioactive sources at our facilities.


This abstract was presented at the 38th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Materials Control and Security: Risk Assessment, Handling, and Detection", Source Security and Monitoring Programs Session, 2/13/2005 - 2/16/2005, held in New Orleans, LA.

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