Pardon Our Dust — We Are Renovating To Serve You Better


B. Dodd


The president of the Health Physics Society has appointed an Ad Hoc Committee on Restructuring with the charge of making recommendations to the Executive Committee by April 2005 on how the HPS' governance and structure might be changed to better enable the full implementation of our strategic plan (HPS 2010). The strategic plan thus far has largely been a "bookshelf" plan and has not significantly affected what we do and how we do it. Our current governance and committee structure does not seem to dovetail well with the strategic plan. The Executive Committee has concurred with the Ad Hoc Committee that the development of its recommendations should be an open, consultative process with as much member input as possible while they are being formed. Therefore, this paper describes the committee's thinking and agreements so far in order to inform the membership and to solicit feedback. The recommendation development process is dynamic and the proposals are changing continuously and rapidly; hence, the material discussed is immature and will change.


This abstract was presented at the 38th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Materials Control and Security: Risk Assessment, Handling, and Detection", HPS Members Call to Action Session, 2/13/2005 - 2/16/2005, held in New Orleans, LA.

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