Air Monitoring and Internal Dosimetry: Department of Energy Perspective


C. R. Jones, P. O'Connell


Effective air monitoring and internal dosimetry programs are needed for the safety of workers and for a variety of other reasons. Frequently, regulatory agencies adopt similar basic requirements for such programs, with some modification to address their agency's special needs. A comparison of Department of Energy (DOE) requirements with those of other agencies, particularly the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), highlights the similarities and differences. Review of DOE and NRC internal exposures and exposures exceeding regulatory limits supports DOE's implementing, in some cases, more stringent requirements for air monitoring and internal dosimetry, such as the DOE Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOELAP) for Radiobioassay.


This abstract was presented at the 37th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Air Monitoring and Internal Dosimetry", Plenary Session, 2/8/2004 - 2/11/2004, held in Augusta, GA.

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