Deposition Model Comparisons For The Temelin Nuclear Power Plant Stack Effluent Monitoring Systems


B. S. Asamoto, D. P. Giegler, J. Šurán


General Atomics-Electronic Systems, Inc. (GA-ESI), formerly Sorrento Electronics, Inc. was responsible for the analysis, design, and manufacturing of the effluent monitoring and sampling system for the two unit Temelin Nuclear Power Plant in the Czech Republic. The system was comprised of aerosol, iodine, and noble gas detectors, and high and low volume aerosol sampling systems, including the sample nozzles, sample tubing, and compressors. Included in the scope of work was the determination of the transport efficiency for the sampling system using ANSI N13.1-1969 since it was the applicable design standard at the time the plant was licensed in lieu of the current ANSI N13.1-1999. DEPO 4.0 was used for calculating the transport efficiency of the sampling system. The results were independently verified using a transport efficiency software program developed by a consultant to the Czech Metrological Institute. The results of the DEPO 4.0 analysis were compared with the results using DEPO 2001a and the independently calculated results. A summary is presented along with conclusions.


This abstract was presented at the 37th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Air Monitoring and Internal Dosimetry", Late Submissions Session, 2/8/2004 - 2/11/2004, held in Augusta, GA.

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