Inter-Agency Collaboration and an All-Hazard Approach to Bioterrorism Response


S. D. Smith


The World Trade Center tragedy of 11 September 2001 and the subsequent anthrax incidents in Florida, The District of Columbia, New Jersey, and Connecticut (as well as the numerous false reports of Anthrax exposure that occurred across the nation) exposed the vulnerabilities within our cities, and in many private industries. Clearly as a nation we now realize that we are at constant risk for mass casualty situations, either resulting from terrorist acts or natural hazards. The result of this knowledge is an unprecedented amount of federal funding oriented toward mitigation of risks, preparedness for emergency situations, improved response to emergency incidents, and swift recovery from such events. The first set of funding allotted has been provided to local communities to facilitate Bioterrorism planning and response efforts.


This abstract was presented at the 36th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Radiation Safety Aspects of Homeland Security and Emergency Response", Poster Session, 1/26/2003 - 1/29/2003, held in San Antonio, TX.

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